When considering organising a large and/or public event, the Shire advises you to start organising it at least 8-12 months ahead of your proposed event date to allow you to manage all the components of running a successful event. Please then register your event with the Shire at least 6 months prior to your event start date by completing an Events Questionnaire and returning it to the Shire by either post to 7000 Great Eastern Highway Mundaring or email to

This questionnaire acts as the first notification to the Shire of your intent to run an event and allows the Shire to check dates, times and availability of Shire property if required.

Based on your responses to the questionnaire, you will be provided with the relevant information to guide you in applying for and obtaining the appropriate approvals required to host a safe, enjoyable and successful event.

Please do not use the Events Questionnaire for weddings, receptions, birthday parties or similar events. Contact the Booking Officer on 9290 6731 for further information on these activities or email

Failure to gain the appropriate approvals may be detrimental to your event's success, potentially resulting in contravention of laws, risk to the safety of the public and event personnel and participants, litigation, the cancellation of the event and the possible decline of approvals for future events.

Important issues event organisers may need to consider can be found in the Event Information Guide and Guide to Events.

It is important not to advertise your event until all approvals are gained.

Remember: careful planning and organisation will help ensure your event is successful and, above all, safe.

Parks & Leisure Australia (WA) have developed an Event Application Guide which may be of assistance when considering organising an event.

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