Conditions of Hire

Please observe the following conditions whilst hiring canoes:

  • MAXIMUM 3 people per canoe. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • It is a condition of hire that PFD's (Personal Flotation Devices) provided must remain zipped and buckled while on the water in the canoe at all times.  Failure to adhere to this condition may result in instant termination of canoe hire with no refund.
  • Parents are responsible for children using the canoes.
  • Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. The adult must be confident that if the canoe capsizes they can still keep the child safe.
  • If you require assistance or capsize whilst on the water, the rescue boat will assist you. If you require assistance or capsize more than once the canoe hire session will end.
  • Canoes MUST stay away from the pontoon and beach swimming areas as these areas are for swimmers. Please be careful of swimmers and other canoes using the lake.
  • Please stay away from the reed beds along the edge of the lake as this is a breeding area for wildlife and possibly snakes.

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