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Lake Leschenaultia Mountain Bike Trails

A new 12km mountain bike trail network is open at Lake Leschenaultia, including 9 trails spanning 540m to 1.9km and ranging in difficulty from basic to intermediate. The trails have been carefully designed to consider dieback mitigation, avoid native fauna habitats and to leave a minimal trail tread footprint.

Railway Run:
Easy, flat trail following the old miniature rail line. Ideal for beginners and children. 700m.

Man vs Machine:
Long, technical climb for those who like a challenge. Intermediate skills required. Has been hand built. 1.5km.

Eastern Line:
Easiest way to get to the top of the Trail Head. Basic skills required. 1.25km

Fast, flowy trail. Leads into the Wahoo trail. Intermediate skills required. 540m.

Flowy trail. Basic skills required. 1.4km.

Ramps and flow. Links to Yeehaa and Shakes n' Ladders. Intermediate skills required. 720m.

Shakes n' Ladders:
Rock gardens and a shore style ladder. Intermediate skills required. 1.3km.

Introduction to Cross Country trails. Basic skills required. 1.9km.

Blue Panther:
Old-school XC style. Intermediate skills required. 1.4km

Mountain Bike Trails Map

Hone your mountain bike skills on the new Pump Track video link

Lake Leschenaultia Trails

Walk or cycle 3km around the Lake perimeter to view a range of native trees like marri and wandoo, together with an abundance of bird life including ducks, geese, herons and swamp hens.

There is also a 5.2km mountain bike circuit within the reserve. This trail gently winds through the forest to the north of the lake and is particularly attractive during the wildflower season.

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