Under the Building Act 2011 and the Building Regulations 2012, a Demolition Permit is required prior to commencing demolition of part or all of a building.

However, freestanding class 10 buildings (sheds, patios etc) under 40sqm may be exempt from that requirement.

Requirements for demolition work:

  • utilities are disconnected (electricity, water, gas and telecommunications) and have been notified of the demolition work
  • the number and location of any septic tanks on the site are identified
  • the demolition contractor is qualified to undertake the demolition work
  • rodent baiting has been carried out
  • permission has been given for the work to affect any other land (if applicable)
  • permission for the demolition work has been given by the Heritage Council (if applicable)
  • a WorkSafe asbestos removal licence is required when 10sqm or more asbestos-containing material (asbestos cement sheeting) is removed.

For more information refer to the Guide to Lodging a Demolition Permit, Application for Demolition Permit and Building and Waste Services Requirements.


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