Seedlings for Landcare (SFL)


Application forms for expressions of interest for the 2020 seedlings for Landcare program will open in February 2020.

The Seedlings for Landcare program (formerly the Tree Canopy and Understorey program) provides free native seedlings for schools, community groups and rural landowners in the Shire of Mundaring.

'Landcare' is community environmental restoration by individual landowners or volunteers working on reserves. Sometimes the State or Federal government will make funding available for Landcare initiatives, but this Seedlings for Landcare program is funded by the Shire.

The program will focus on improving waterways, providing habitat for wildlife and creating additional tree canopy cover in rural areas (where trees can be planted without conflicting with bushfire safety requirements). Under the new program, approximately 20,000 free seedlings will be available for schools, volunteer environmental groups and rural properties. If you are not sure if your property is zoned rural, click here and select the Town Planning module to search your address, or phone 9290 6651 and ask to check your zoning. 

Examples of landcare activities that may be supported include:

  • Revegetation of wetlands and watercourses (e.g. rivers, streams and creeks) to improve wildlife habitat, water quality and reduce erosion
  • Revegetation of degraded land to create wildlife corridors linking patches of remnant bushland
  • Revegetation of bushland to improve wildlife habitat and reduce weed invasion and erosion

Applicants are encouraged to apply for seedling numbers required to undertake their landcare project. EOIs will be assessed on merit and environmental benefits as a result of the project.

The EOI form may be completed online or downloaded, and hard copies can be collected from the front counter at the Shire Administration Office or libraries. The forms will be available in mid-February 2020.


For more information on native plant species and guidelines for preparing and implementing a revegetation plan, refer to our Landscape and Revegetation Guidelines on the Shire's website.

Copies are available for free from the Shire, or can be viewed and downloaded here.

Further information on species not listed in the

 guidelines above can be found on the

FloraBase website.

Volunteers are needed to hand out seedlings from a central distribution point within the Shire in June 2020. If you can help, please contact the Environment team on 9290 6641 or email


  • Seedlings will be allocated in batches of six per species
  • This EOI is a request for seedlings and is not the same as an order that would be placed with a  commercial entity (i.e. we will do our best but supply cannot be guaranteed)
  • Only one submission per household is permitted
  • Priority will be given to applications that improve the health of rural creeklines
  • Permission to plant on a road verge is usually required from the Shire's Infrastructure Services, with a planting plan. Issues such as visibility, pedestrian access, safety, above and below ground power lines and services need to be considered. Any work proposed on a highway verge requires written approval from Main Roads WA. More information on verges can be found here
  • Projects involving land owned by the Crown, Shire or government organisations need to be authorised by the relevant body before work commences
  • Successful EOI applicants will be notified from May onwards via confirmation letter
  • Seedlings are available for collection in June 2019, details will be provided to successful applicants
  • You are advised to send in your EOI early to avoid disappointment as once all seedlings from each species are allocated, it will not be possible to supply more of that species. Please note that the submission of an EOI does not automatically qualify for an allocation of seedlings.

Information on Phytophthora Dieback in the Shire of Mundaring:

The Seedlings for Landcare Program offers a range of seedlings that may be resistant to dieback. For more information on preventing and managing dieback, click here.


​Seedlings for Landcare Co-ordinator
9290 6641

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