Climate Change

Sustainability means finding a balance between environment, economy and society, and looking for ways of living which benefit all of these areas.

This can mean different things to different people, but the key point is to integrate sustainable living into our lives

The Sustainable Living Guide provides a book of ideas for sustainable ways of living and describes reasons for making lifestyle changes, to help you understand why making these changes is worthwhile.

Climate Change

The Shire recognises that our climate is changing and there is a need to adapt to both the changes already occurring and those likely to follow.  Adaptation is about taking action to avoid, manage or reduce the consequences that are brought about by climate change events. The Shire is integrating into its day-to-day operations changes to planning, risk management and general local government operations. 

The Shire has a Local Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan which provides a strategic framework for actions that target a number of key environmental areas and threats in its work towards addressing climate change.

​Environmental Services
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