Friends Groups

The Shire recognises the enormous efforts volunteers provide to the natural environment and has developed a Friends Group Manual that provides the basis for supporting Friends Groups and volunteers.

Activities such as weed control, restoration planting, erosion and dieback management are undertaken.  These activities are planned using an Action Plan which is tailored to the Shire reserve and volunteer work.

Social activities are also encouraged and it is not unusual for everyone to stop for a yarn over morning tea, and then dive back into the bush maintenance with renewed enthusiasm.  The Shire also provides resources, recognition, an annual volunteer lunch, Bush Skills or the Hills Workshops, Greenpage Newsletter and networking morning teas for Friends Groups throughout the year.

If you are interested in the care of Bushland Reserves (Friends Group Brochure) and wish to join or establish a Friends Group, please contact the Shire's Supervisor Environment & Horticulture on 9290 6749.



The groups help bring people together to actively conserve the environment.

They are a great way to meet like-minded people in your area.

Free training and advice on a wide variety of areas: weeding techniques, dieback management, bushland management etc.

Assistance with funding for any size project.

Provisions and insurance for volunteers working on Shire-owned and managed land.

Friendly interface with the Shire via the Operations Service (Parks).

​Environmental Services
9290 6651

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