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Fire Hazard Inspection Officers

A free service is available to help identify potential fire hazards on your property and to develop plans aimed at managing those risks.

The Shire’s Fire Hazard Inspection Officers are experienced volunteer firefighters from Shire of Mundaring area and can advise on a full range of bushfire preparedness matters specific to your locality.    

The Officers can visit your Shire of Mundaring property and provide advice on:

  • how to identify bushfire risks that exist on your property and how to manage those risks

  • fuel load measurement and management

  • preparing your property for bushfires, including shrub pruning and vegetation management advice

  • how to establish a Bushfire Ready Group in your area

  • ensuring your property complies with the Shire’s Firebreak and Fuel load Notice. 

Measuring Fuel Loads

The Shire has developed a Fuel Load Guide and Depth Gauge Tool Kit to help residents estimate the vegetative fuel load on their property and provide recommendations on how to manage or reduce the fuel loads in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Fuel Load Guide

Fuel Load Depth Gauge Tool Kit​

​Emergency Management Service
9290 6696

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