Building Protection Zones

Reviews of significant bush fires generally find that properties well-prepared for bush fire threats suffer less damage and loss than those that are not. A major part of this preparation includes establishing a Building Protection Zone (BPZ).

BPZs are areas of low fuels and managed gardens and vegetation close to a house that lessen the impact of an advancing bush fire. Standards for BPZs are outlined in detail in the Shire’s Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice.

It is acknowledged that established properties may have vegetation and garden features that have been cultivated over many years which pre-date research into the requirements of a good BPZ.

With careful management and some good advice it is still possible to establish a BPZ without necessarily having to remove any living vegetation or carrying out significant ground works / vegetation modifications.

A Shire Fire Hazard Inspection Officer can visit your home and give some advice on how to establish or maintain a good BPZ. 

Download more information on Building Protection Zones.

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