Drainage and Footpaths


The Shire maintains all drainage infrastructure, except drainage on Great Eastern Highway.

The Shire has an extensive stormwater drainage system consisting of piped and open drains, which is maintained top keep it free of sands, silts, leaves and other debris in order to prevent local flooding.

Please report any damage or flooding of stormwater drainage systems via the contact below.


The Shire is responsible for all footpaths on roads. There is a significant footpath network in the Shire, with a variety of surfaces. Maintenance is carried out to remove potential safety hazards, such as broken concrete panels or overhanging vegetation.

Please assist pedestrians by ensuring that trees or shrubs on your property do not interfere with people having free use of the footpath.

Please report any damage to footpaths to the contact below.

​Infrastructure Services
9290 6716

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