Verge trees - naturally occurring

There are many kilometres of verge where there are naturally occurring trees. The Shire will only prune these trees to maintain sight distance clearances for road users, and to remove hazards presented by dead or diseased trees and branches. For more information refer to the Verge Trees Information Sheet and the Bush Verges - A Guide to their Protection and Management brochure

Western Power take responsibility for the pruning naturally occurring trees that are under, over or near power lines. Contact Western Power on 13 13 51.

Verge trees - planted

These are native or exotic trees planted by the Shire in the road verge which are maintained by the Shire. The Shire is responsible for pruning these trees under powerlines to meet Western Power clearance requirements. 

The Shire manages planted verge trees in the road reserve (Crown land) and consequently regulates the planting alignment, species and number of the trees that should be planted relevant to all site constraints. Should you wish to be considered for a verge tree contact Infrastructure Services.

Street Tree Guidelines

Please refer to the Street Tree Guidelines Information Sheet.


The Shire will only manage shrubs in the instances of drain clearing, footpath and sight-line clearances.

Weeds / Grass

Weed and grass-covered verges are so extensive that cutting all of it, apart from the specific sight-line cases, would not be realistic. Refer to Crossover and Verges – Verge Maintenance and also the Weed Control Position Statement information sheet for further information.

Fire hazard

Infrastructure Services does not accept fire fuel load or perceived fire hazard as criteria for vegetation management works.

Trees on Private Property

Please refer to the Neighbouring Tree Dispute.


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