Verges and Crossovers


Currently the distance of road verges within the Shire is approximately 1300km. The road reserve which includes verges and road formation is Crown Land and is set aside for the purpose of public right of way and provision of essential services. The Shire manages certain operational aspects within the road reserve which include drains, footpaths, kerbs as well as the amenity of planted street trees.

The Shire does not have the resources to maintain verges in front of private properties. Individual landholders can however maintain the verge if they wish within the constraints of the Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares.  

The Shire will only take action on the verge in front of private property if it constitutes a significant sight-line hazard when at road intersections, or the slashing of drains and footpath edges if growth is causing obstruction to this infrastructure.

The Shire does not become involved in matters of presentation and perceived levels of neglect when an adjoining landholder does not maintain the adjoining verge. 

Certain verge treatments may be allowed with a permit upon application to the Shire. These include any gravel, stone, flagstone, cement, concrete slabs, blocks, bricks/paving, pebbles, reticulation and gardens. Gardens, plants and structures are to be no more than 750mm in height.

Property owners who wish to make improvements to their verge must submit a sketch plan and covering letter to the Shire's Infrastructure Services in order to gain approval for the improvements prior to any work commencing. The Shire has the authority to order the removal of any unauthorised verge improvements.  

Where any approved  works are being carried out on the verge involving excavation, post hole drilling, driving in stakes or any other below ground impact being carried out please call Dial Before you Dig 9424 8116 - a facility that provides locations of many services ie electricity, water, gas, sewage.

Verges are generally narrow strips of land which may potentially catch fire. From a fire hazard perspective however they are not addressed by the Shire, unless deemed a strategic risk by the Shire's Fire Management Officers. The Shire's resources are limited to strategic burns which are predominately on larger parcels of bush reserves. The Shire does encourage land owners where possible to maintain the verge and the Shire offers free access to dispose of greenwaste with a valid waste transfer station entry pass.


A crossover is the driveway component of the property access from the kerb or road edge to the front boundary of the property.  Although a crossover is located within the road reserve (verge), it is the responsibility of the property owner to construct and/or maintain that area.

Property owners are required to submit a Crossover Application Form prior to commencing the construction of the crossover to ensure the Shire's information and specifications are supplied.

Approval must be obtained before a crossover is built or modified and the Shire has the authority to order the removal of any unauthorised crossovers.

Property owners will need to select a contractor to construct their crossover in accordance with the Shire's specifications in concrete, asphalt or brick paving (a suggested contractor list can be supplied). 

The Shire will contribute funds towards the construction of a standard crossover for property owners when the above process is followed for the first crossover only to a property.

A constructed crossover prevents erosion and possible hazards for motorists of gravel washing onto the road and blocking the drainage system.

Please note there is a crossover application fee payable at the time of lodgement of your application. 

Infrastructure Service
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