Other Animals

In the Shire of Mundaring, there are rules for keeping different kinds of animals. These rules are found in the Health Local Law and Local Planning Scheme No 4 (LPS 4).

Under the Health Local Laws, animals are divided into two categories: Small Animals and Large Animals.

Small Animals

Includes animals like a cat, dog, rabbit, ferret, guineapig and bird.

The Health Local Laws says that a premises with small animals must be kept clean (ie free of excrement, food waste etc) to prevent the spread of disease by vermin. It also requires that small animals must not cause a nuisance (eg loud noises) and must not be dangerous (eg likely to bite to cause injury).

Large Animals

Includes animals like a cow, horse, pony, alpaca, sheep, goat, pig, camel, emu and kangaroo. The Health Local Law says that Large Animals must not be kept within 15 metres of a house and residents must comply with the Shire's LPS 4.

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