The Shire's Local Laws outlines the measures owners/residents need to take to reduce the breeding and harbourage of pests on a property.

Mosquito breeding on and around residential properties can be controlled by households in a number of ways.

Around Your Home

Identify and remove all sources of stagnant water (stagnant fish ponds, pot plants, bird baths, tyres, canoes), if this is not possible then a thin layer of Paraffin oil added to the stagnant water prevents the survival of mosquito larvae.

Ensure fixtures on septic tanks are in sound condition and ensure mesh having openings no larger than 1.2mm.

Keep drains and gutters free from leaf litter so they are able to drain.

Protect Your Home

 Place flywire on all doors and windows.

Protect Yourself

Apply personal insect repellent.

Cover up by wearing light coloured, long sleeved and loose fitting clothing.

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