European Wasps - Updates and Maps

Last updated - 26/02/2019

Various European wasp traps have been set up around the Mundaring area and we're working with DPIRD to deploy additional traps to fill in some gaps. Once more traps become available, we will be providing coverage in the gap between the Mundaring town area, and the Glen Forrest / Darlington/ Boya areas which can be seen in the Current Trap Spread map below.

An expanded trapping program will give much-needed information to DPIRD as to the extent in which European wasps have spread in the Mundaring area. 

DPIRD always need the public's assistance to identify unusual wasp behaviour. Recent public reports have been invaluable in quickly identifying nest locations.

​The maps below show European wasp sightings, traps and nests in the Mundaring area. They will be updated periodically as new information becomes available.

2018/19 European Wasp Traps

 2018/19 European Wasp Nests


Infill Traps - Priority 1

Infill Traps - Priority 2


Wasp in a Trap

​Mundaring Area (click to enlarge)

Mundaring detail.JPG

​ ​Darlington Area (click to enlarge)

Darlington detail.JPG

Current Trap Spread (click to enlarge)​ ​

Current trap spread.JPG

Additional Trap Sites To Be Set (click to enlarge)

Additional trap sites to be set by Shire.JPG 


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