Poultry & Roosters

The Shire of Mundaring Health Local Laws 2003 (Local Laws) outline the requirements of residents should they wish to keep animals and birds on their property. These requirements vary depending on the zoning of the land and the type of animal you wish to keep.

Pigeons and Poultry

The Local Laws state that other than in a General Rural Zone, no more than 20 poultry or pigeons can be kept, unless he/she is an affiliated person. In which case up to 75 pigeons may be kept with the written approval of the Local Government.

Pigeons and poultry must be kept in accordance with the requirements set out in the Local Laws.

No poultry or pigeons are to be kept within 10m of a dwelling house, public building, premises where people are employed, or premises where food is stored, prepared, manufactured or sold.

They must be kept in an enclosure that is properly constructed and securely fastened, no less than 30sqm and kept in a clean condition at all times.

Roosters and Peafowl

Roosters and peafowl are not permitted to be kept on land zoned Residential without the approval of the Principal Environmental Health Officer (Local Laws).

If you reside on a property zoned Residential and wish to keep a rooster on your property, you must complete an Application for Approval to Keep Roosters.

For information on the application process and the requirements of owners, refer to Guidelines for the Keeping of Roosters on Residential Zoned Land.

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