Small Animals

​The Shire of Mundaring Health Local Laws 2003 (Local Laws) makes reference to the keeping of animals and birds on a given premises. An 'animal' is referred to as most domesticated animals commonly observed as pets with 'birds' including, but not limited to, galahs, parrots, budgerigars, finches, pigeons and doves.

It is required of an occupant of a premises in which an animal or bird is kept to uphold the practices of cleanliness associated with the keeping of such an animal and maintain effective drainage in animal enclosures. Further, as per the Local Laws, it is a requirement to:

  • Keep the premises free from excrement, filth, food waste and all other matter likely to become offensive, injurious to health or to attract vectors of diseases

  • Ensure that it is not causing a nuisance or is injurious or dangerous to health and wellbeing

Please be advised that if you wish to keep either a dog or a cat you will require approval from Ranger Services.

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