Chimney Smoke

​Firewood heaters and firewood stoves are utilities of choice for many Mundaring residences. Wood smoke resulting from the burning of firewood and other materials contains a mix of chemicals and particles which are hazardous to human health when inhaled. Fire places and wood stoves are a major source of air pollution and can be observed nuisance to other residents.

Some ways to reduce smoke pollution include:

  • Storing firewood in a dry, ventilated place and only burning dry wood

  • Using plenty of kindling and paper to establish an efficient flame

  • Maintaining air circulation in the firebox

  • Keeping air controls fully open for 10 minutes after lighting or refuelling

  • Getting the flue checked and cleaned by a professional before winter begins

  • Observing smoke produce leaving chimney and checking excess smoke

  • Never burning rubbish or chemically treated wood

More information –

Troubleshooting your smoky chimney – Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

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