Starting a Food Business

Prior to the construction of a new food business or alteration of an existing food business, approval must be sought from Shire of Mundaring.

The approval process is :

  1. Obtain Planning Approval (if applicable).
  2. Submit an Application to Establish a Food Business and an Application for Building Permit (if applicable).
  3. Commence fit-out of business in accordance with both an Approval to Establish a Food Business, and Approval for Building Permit (if applicable).
  4. Once fit-out is complete, arrange inspection of the business with an Environmental Health Officer.
  5. Upon successful inspection your Certificate of Food Business Registration will be issued.
  6. Business may commence operations.

The business will be subject to an annual food business fee which is to be paid on a financial year basis. This fee varies depending on the Risk Rating of the business.

Home Businesses

In order to operate a food business from a residential premises there are certain requirements that need to be addressed. Certain foods may not be approved for production from a residential kitchen.

Shire of Mundaring will only consider applications for a home food business if the proposed products are low risk. The following list is a guide of low risk food activities as listed by the Department of Health:

  • jams, marmalades, preserves, sauces
  • flour-based products that do not contain potentially hazardous foods such as cream and custards
  • cake decorating
  • fudges, nougats, meringues
  • repackaging of low risk products (coffee, tea, confectionary etc)
  • pickled onions
  • herb vinegars with a pH less than 4.5.

Please refer to the Shire's Factsheet on Setting up a Home Business.  The Food Act 2008 adopts the Food Standards Code which outlines specific requirements that are mandatory for all food businesses to comply with, this includes food businesses operating from a home kitchen.

Mobile Businesses

Mobile food businesses are subject to the same requirements as any other food business. The fit out of the business must be in accordance with the Food Standards Code Australia and New Zealand.

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