Making a Noise Complaint

Unwanted or unreasonable noise can be annoying and cause a significant impact on the amenity of the area. Unreasonable noise can interfere with the health, welfare, convenience or comfort of a person receiving the noise. As a guide, noise which is clearly audible at a residential boundary may exceed the permitted level.

Fortunately, most complaints can be resolved between neighbours by communicating the grievance through a direct approach and finding a solution to deal with the noise issue. It could be as easy as turning down the bass of a stereo or practicing a musical instrument while a neighbour is at work.

Where this hasn't helped, the Shire of Mundaring's Environmental Health Officers or the WA Police may be contacted for assistance.

It is recommended that you read the relevant information we have available on the noise in question. The Shire of Mundaring will require you to complete a Noise Complaint Form and record the necessary details. Information such as the nature of the complaint, duration and exact location of the noise source is required. The Shire will then investigate the matter further and determine whether the noise complies with the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 (the Regulations).


The Regulations do however create a number of exemptions for certain activates if they are done in accordance with set conditions. Noise which is emitted in excess of the permitted levels or emissions that is not in accordance with defined exemptions are deemed to be unreasonable.

More Information

Noise Complaint Form

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