Music, Parties and Yelling (Including Instruments)



Noise from people yelling or screaming is best described as antisocial behaviour. Similar issues of an abusive, threatening or intimidation nature are a Police matter and something which the Shire can neither address nor control. Instances such as these and any noise produced is something that is best handled by the Police.


Music and Parties

Radio and stereo music is required to comply with assigned levels set out in the Regulations at all times. As a general indication, if the music is clearly audible at the boundary line of your property it is likely that the noise is in breach of the Regulations. The Shire can only take action where noise associated with music is occurring on an ongoing basis and is able to be observed by a Shire officer. Otherwise, where the noise is a one-off occasion or is occurring outside businesses hours it is recommended


Musical Instruments

The playing of a musical instrument on residential premises is allowed to exceed the permitted sound levels, providing the instrument is played in a reasonable manner and for no more than one hour per day between the hours of:

  • 7am and 7pm on Monday to Saturday
  • 9am and 7pm on Sunday and Public holidays

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Party and Music Noise


Making a Noise Complaint

It is recommended that you read the relevant information we have available on the noise in question. The Shire of Mundaring will require you to complete a Noise Complaint Form and record the necessary details. Information such as the nature of the complaint, duration and exact location of the noise source is required. The Shire will then investigate the matter further and determine whether the noise complies with the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 (the Regulations).

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Making a Noise Complaint

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