Most equipment used on residential premises is classed as Specified Equipment. Specified Equipment is defined under Section 14 of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 as equipment that requires the presence of an operator for normal use. This would include the following:

  • power tools
  • whipper snipper
  • lawn mower
  • chainsaw
  • angle grinders
  • other equipment that may be used to maintain your property.

Special Requirements for Specified Equipment

Use is only permitted between 7am and 7pm on Monday- Saturday, 9am and 7pm on Sundays and Public Holidays. The equipment is not to be used for more than two hours in any one day.

Motorbikes and Quad Bikes

The incorrect use of a motorbike or quad bike on private property may cause a disturbance to the people living on the surrounding properties. Equipment such as motorbikes/quad bikes is referred to as Specified Equipment and can be controlled under Regulation 14 of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997.

Specified equipment is defined as being any equipment that requires the constant presence of an operator for normal use.

The use of motorbikes on private property may not always be appropriate. The following table outlines the property sizes the Shire believes may be appropriate for the use of such equipment with certain conditions:

Property SizeRequirements
<5 acresGenerally not appropriate.
5 - 20 acresNeed to comply with Regulation 14.
20+ acresGenerally use is allowed if there is no breach of the Table of Assigned Levels set out in Regulation 7. If there is a breach of Regulation 7 then you must comply with the requirements detailed below.


Where the use of motorbikes on private property is permitted, it is required (as per Regulation 14) that certain control measures are taken to reduce the noise emissions and to minimise the effect on your neighbours. The main requirement is that the equipment is to be used in a reasonable manner.

Shire of Mundaring defines this as the following:

  • the motorbike must have an unmodified factory fitted muffler(s) and be in a standard state of tune
  • motorcross jumps should not be used
  • the bike must not be unreasonably revved
  • the bike must not be purposely ridden up and down a particular boundary
  • only bikes permanently housed at the property can be used.

When can Motorbikes be ridden on Private Property?
According to Regulation 14 (2)(b) and 14 (2)(d) there are specific times and durations in which motorbikes/quad bikes may be used on private property, so as to limit the effect the noise has on neighbours.

Specified equipment, such as motorbikes may not be used for more than two hours in any one day. Between 7am and 7pm on Monday to Saturday, 9am and 7pm on Sunday and Public Holidays.

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