Alarms & Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

In Western Australia, the noise from an air conditioner installed on a property must comply with the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997.

Under Section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 a person who installs any equipment which, when operated, emits unreasonable noise commits an offence under the Act. It also states that if an occupier is convicted of committing an offence and it was installed by an installer, the occupier may recover the cost of installation, together with the amount of any penalty imposed from the installer by action in court.

Noise is deemed to be unreasonable if:

  • it does not comply with the Act and/or Regulations
  • the noise unreasonably interferes with the health, welfare, convenience, comfort or amenity of any person.

Alarms and Pool Filters

All noise emitted from alarms and swimming pool filters are bound by the table of assigned levels set out in the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997.

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