Building and Construction Sites

For construction work occurring between 7am and 7pm on any day which is not a public holiday the following conditions apply; 

  • The construction work must be carried out in accordance with the control of noise practises set out in section six of the Australia Standards 2436-1981

  • The equipment used for the construction work must be the quietest reasonably available.

  • The chief executive officer may request that a noise management plan be submitted for the construction work at any time.

For construction work being undertaken outside the hours specified above the following conditions comply;

  • The work must be carried out in accordance with section six of AS 2435-1981;

  • The equipment used must be the quietest reasonably available;

  • The builder must advise all nearby occupants of the work to be done at least 24 hours before it commences;

  • The builder must show that it was reasonably necessary for the work to be done outside of hours; and

  • The builder must submit to the chief executive officer (CEO) a noise management plan at least seven days before the work starts, and the plan must be approved by the CEO. The noise management must include details of:

    • Need for the work to be done outside of hours

    • Types of activity which could be noisy

    • Predictions of noise levels

    • Control measures for noise and vibration

    • Monitoring of noise and vibration

    • Complaint response

If a builder fails to comply with the above conditions, or with the approved noise management plan, the noise from the construction site would be treated the same as noise from any other premises and would need to comply with the assigned levels of the Regulations.

More Information

Guide to Noise Control on Construction, Maintenance and Demolition sites

Making a Noise Complaint

It is recommended that you read the relevant information we have available on the noise in question. The Shire of Mundaring will require you to complete a Noise Complaint Form and record the necessary details. Information such as the nature of the complaint, duration and exact location of the noise source is required. The Shire will then investigate the matter further and determine whether the noise complies with the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 (the Regulations).

More information

Making a Noise Complaint

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