Aerobic Treatment Units

An Aerobic Treatment Unit is a self-contained multi-chambered/multi-tank electrical wastewater treatment system which treats effluent to a tertiary level. Unlike the conventional system where effluent flows into leach drains, the effluent is instead pumped to an irrigation area which can be used to irrigate the garden (irrigation onto edible crops is not permitted).

The units are required to be serviced by an authorised service technician on a regular basis (usually every three months). A list of Authorised Service Persons are available from the Department of Health – Authorised Service Persons.

To install an Aerobic Treatment Unit an Application to Construct or Install an Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewage must be submitted to the Shire. For commercial properties, application for a second system on a property or systems expecting more than 540L of sewage per day the Department of Health's application form must be submitted to the Shire.

More information –

Aerobic treatment units – Department of Health

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