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Shire of Mundaring is a proud partner of Mentally Healthy WA and actively promotes the 'Act Belong Commit' mental health promotion campaign, which encourages individuals to take action to protect and promote their own mental wellbeing.

When we think about mental health, we often think of words and images associated with mental 'ill' health. Mentally Healthy WA aims to re-frame this perception to something more positive: we can all do things to strengthen and promote our own mental wellbeing and that of others.

It's as easy as A-B-C:  Act-Belong-Commit.

Act - Take a walk, read a book, do a crossword puzzle, dance, say g'day. Being active physically, socially and mentally helps us cope with stresses, build friendships and lift spirits. Make a list of things you enjoy and spend more time doing them!

Belong - Join a book club, a sporting team, a walking group or a cooking class. Be more involved in community organisations and attend community events. Hang out with people who share your values and interests. Belonging helps build friendships, creates opportunities for meaningful participation, strengthens communities and it simply feels good!

Commit - Make that extra 'commitment' to a hobby or a good cause. Help out a neighbour or volunteer for a good cause, be a coach or a mentor. Support your community clubs and groups. Try something challenging – learn a new skill. These activities give meaning to life.

How you can Act, Belong and Commit in the Shire of Mundaring.

Go for a walk or cycle on one of the local trails or at the popular Lake Leschenaultia.

Join a book club at one of the Shire's libraries.

Find a local club, walking group and/or hobby group to join, as listed the Shire Community Directory.

Join a local history, arts and/or culture group.

Participate in recreation and leisure activities available for local older people as listed in the Shire Seniors Directory.

Get involved in local community events.

Become a volunteer

Being active, having a sense of belonging and having a purpose in life all contribute to happiness and good mental health.

"Keeping mentally healthy is as important as staying physically healthy"

Click here for more information about the Act, Belong, Commit campaign

Where to get help

There are many resources and organisations you can refer to for further information and support with your mental health. Click here for a list of helplines, websites, mental health organisations and government mental health information services.

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