Information for Dog Owners

The Dog Act 1976, administered and enforced by local governments, addresses dog control and registration, ownership and keeping of dogs, and the obligations and rights of dog owners and others.

Responsible dog ownership

You must ensure your dog is:

  • currently registered (if over three months of age)
  • microchipped
  • wears a collar displaying name, address, phone number and registration tag
  • confined to the premises at which it lives or is temporarily residing
  • under the control of a competent person
  • only exercised off the leash in a designated area, and is under verbal control. You must carry a leash.

Limitation of dog numbers

The Shire has limited the number of dogs per property dependant on size. Request for exemptions can only be approved by delegated officers.  Fee: $100 per application.


Barking dogs

The most common complaint against dogs is barking. Under Section 38 (2)(b) of the Dog Act 1976 a dog is a nuisance if: "(b) It creates a noise, by barking or otherwise, which persistently occurs or continues to a degree or extent not normally habitual in dogs and has a disturbing effect on the state of reasonable physical, mental or social wellbeing of a person."

Fact Sheet for Residents Affected by Barking Dogs

Barking Dogs - Dog Owner Information Sheet

Excessive barking by dogs in the neighbourhood

Consider discussing the issue with your neighbour as they may not be aware their dog is causing a nuisance. If you are unable to approach the owner, or the owner is not receptive to your concerns, then advise Community Safety Rangers who will assist you with this matter. Barking nuisance should be reported before it becomes an established habit

Dog Noise Card

Dog Owner Helpful Tips & Information

Dog exercise areas and restricted places

Please note:  This section is currently under review.  Please ensure your dog/s is on a lead at all times in all public places. 

Lead is by means of chain, cord, leash or harness of sufficient strength.

Fines will be imposed if you do not control your dog effectively.

Controlling your dog in a public place

Please ensure your dog/s is on a lead at all times in all public places.  You must be able to hold the dog without it pulling away from you, prevent it from rushing at people or other animals, and the dog must obey simple commands.

Community Safety Service
9290 ‚Äč6629

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