Pensioner Rebates

Pensioners and/or Seniors may be eligible to claim rebates up to a maximum 50% off current Rates and ESL (Emergency Services Levy), or defer payment and forgo the rebate, in accordance with the Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferment) Act, 1992. Rubbish charges cannot be deferred and must be paid each year by the due date.

To qualify for rebates, applicants must own and occupy their residence as of 1 July, and hold either a current Pensioner Concession Card, Seniors Card, Seniors and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, or State Concession Card.

Register your entitlement

Register your entitlement online via the Water Corporation website or phone 1300 659 951.

Please Note: You only need to register with one party not both, and the party with whom you register will on pass your details to the other, and you will then be notified of the adjusted rates balances.

A pro-rata rebate may be available for Pensioners and Seniors who become eligible after 1 July. Rebates are calculated from the date your application is received by either the Water Corporation or the Shire of Mundaring (whoever receives your application first will on pass to the other party – you only need to register with the one not both). If you do both this can cause confusion.

Rate arrears

Please contact the Shire’s Rates Office on 9290 6617 where you have rate arrears outstanding on the property and you meet the eligibility criteria. You will be required to enter into a payment arrangement against the arrears or pay in full before you can receive either rebate or deferment options against the rates.

Change of circumstances

If your circumstances change - particularly with respect to your ownership or occupation of the property, or your eligibility as a Pensioner or Senior - you must notify the Shire or the Water Corporation (only one need be notified as whoever receives this will on pass to the other), and your registration will be cancelled or amended, as appropriate.

Payment Options for Pensioners

Pensioners are legally entitled to choose to defer the payment of their General Rates for an indefinite period. During this time they are not charged penalty interest. This option is available for pensioners only (not for senior cardholders).

Rubbish and waste charges cannot be deferred, however pensioners (not senior cardholders) can enter into a payment arrangement (this can even be done through Centrelink if preferred). No penalty interest is charged to the pensioner.

If you have any questions regarding your pensioner entitlements please contact the Shire's Rates Office.​

Rates Office
9290 6617

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