Bulk Verge Collection

During August, September & October each year the Shire provides each property that currently has a kerbside bin service with a verge collection of greenwaste and bulk material. There is no 'On Demand' skip or collection service any other time.
Notification of this service will be undertaken by advertisements in local papers and on the Shire's Facebook Page. You must not place your waste on the verge earlier than 7 days prior to the collection date for your suburb. Do not add to the waste after your first collection date.


Suburb Waste out by Sunday
(collection commences 6am Monday)
Swan View 23 August 2021
Midvale23 August 2021
Bellevue30 August 2021
Boya30 August 2021
Helena Valley30 August 2021
Greenmount6 September 2021
Darlington 6 September 2021
Glen Forrest13 September 2021
Mahogany Creek13 September 2021
Hovea 13 September 2021
Parkerville20 September 2021
Stoneville20 September 2021
Mundaring 27 September 2021
Mount Helena27 September 2021
Sawyers Valley4 October 2021
Chidlow 4 October 2021
Wooroloo4 October 2021
Beechina 4 October 2021
​Bailup4 October 2021
​The Lakes4 October 2021

  • Please do not allow items to obstruct the footpath or spill out onto the road.
  • Please do not place items under trees, against power poles or their supportive wires.
  • Please do not have a pile that is more than two cubic metres.
  • Please do not leave items not intended for bulk collection on the verge.
  • Please do not place items near fences or on sprinklers.


If your Bulk Verge Collection items were not collected on its scheduled week, there could be a number of reasons why. If items are not collected after 7 days please contact us.

Why was some material removed and not others?

Piles are collected separately to maximise recycling.  All waste won't be collected on the same day but should generally be all gone within the week. Do not continue to add to piles already collected.

Was the pile placed on your verge too big, or where the Shire could access it? 

The maximum amount of Bulk Waste you can place on your verge for each type of bulk collections is two cubic metres in size. Please also make sure the Shire can access your Bulk Waste pile.

Did you put your bulk waste out too late?

Your Bulk Verge Collection must not be placed on the verge for collection until 7 days prior to the collection date; after this date no further Bulk Waste should be presented for collection. Any Bulk Waste presented after your Monday commencement date may be missed. 

What next?

A notice should have been placed in your letterbox explaining why the Bulk Waste you presented was not collected, there will be instructions on what you can do next and details of who you can contact at the Shire for instructions. Just a reminder that outside of Bulk Verge Collection times, waste left on the verge may be considered littering. 

For more information regarding the Bulk Verge Collection, please contact Infrastructure Services Customer Service on 9290 6666 Option 5.



​Infrastructure Services
9290 6666 (Option 5)

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