Bin requirements

What goes in my bin?

Shire of Mundaring provides two different bins for domestic (green lid) and recycling bins (yellow lid).

All material that can be recycled should be placed in your recycling bin. Under the lid of the bin there is a sticker about what counts as recyclable waste.

For more information on recyclable or hazardous waste refer to What goes in my Bin? and the Shire's Waste and Recycling Guide 2021-2022.

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My bin wasn't emptied

If your bin wasn't collected on its scheduled day, there could be a number of reasons why. 

Was your placement correct? Your bin should be placed 1m from the kerb, with the wheels facing away from the kerb. Multiple bins should be placed 0.5 metres apart.

Was your bin put out on the right day, at the right time? Make sure your bins are placed out before 6am on the day of collection.

Was your bin contaminated? If your recycling bin contains non-recyclable waste, like plastic bags or green waste, it can contaminate an entire truck load, reverting it to landfill. Check out the What goes in my bin (above) to check what is recyclable waste.

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Was your bin over the weight limit? The contents of your bins must weigh less than 50kg, otherwise our waste trucks cannot lift it. Bins weighing over 50kg could be labelled with a non-compliant sticker or letter. The resident will need to make alternative arrangements for that waste to be collected.

Was your bin jammed too full? Overfilling your bin and jamming the waste into it can prevent its contents from being emptied.  Larger or heavier items should be placed at the bottom of the bin to reduce jamming.

Is your bin compliant? We only collect bins belonging to Shire of Mundaring. These bins have our stamp on the lid. If your bin is not compliant, a sticker or letter will be placed on it explaining why, instructions on what you can do and details of who you can contact. Your collection service will not resume until you rectify the situation.

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