Financial Assistance

State and Department of Premier and Cabinet Bushfire Relief Payments

To provide additional assistance (over and above the assistance available under Department of Communities support emergency relief arrangements) for residents of the Shire of Mundaring whose homes were destroyed or damaged in the fire, which broke out on 1 February 2021.

The payments are being provided in recognition that due to the nature of the emergency, additional assistance is required by affected residents.

  • To provide the means to access shelter
  • To maintain family cohesion
  • To provide a bridge to longer term public or private housing
  • To recognise the additional costs involved in temporary accommodation
  • To enable economic and social participation

Temporary accommodation, food, washing and laundry and emergency transport.

Residents of the Shire of Mundaring whose homes were destroyed [permanently uninhabitable] as a result of the fire which broke out on 1 February 2021 (eligible for a payment of $4,000 per home). 

For Total Loss of Household payments, please call 9290 6666 and select Option 8.

Residents of the Shire of Mundaring whose homes were damaged but remain habitable as a result of the fire which broke out on 1 February 2021 (eligible for a payment of $2,000 per home). 

A resident's property must be located within the Shire of Mundaring and located within the perimeter of the fire as per DFES map (see and search for Woorollo Fire under Locate Me. The property needs to show within the black shaded area). 

For Partial Loss of Household payments, contact 9290 6666 and select Option 8.

Verification of Home Owner/Occupier Residence – use similar criteria to those used by the Department of Communities.
  • Council/Water Rates (evidence should be available from the Shire of Mundaring)
  • Drivers Licence 
  • Lease/Rental Agreement (evidence from Leasing Agent)
  • Statement from Lending Authority

Lord Mayor's Distress Relief Fund - Rapid Response Grant

Assistance is available to residents of the Shire of Mundaring and City of Swan who suffered personal hardship due to the loss or damage to their primary residence, property, furniture or personal effects as a result of the Wooroloo and Hills Bushfire. 

The following criteria applies:

1. The applicant must be an individual who is an owner/occupier, owner, or occupier and has had property destroyed or damaged as a direct result of the Wooroloo and Hills Bushfire as defined by the area declared as a disaster by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (see

2. Multiple applications for the same address and category can be received if it has been confirmed there were multiple dwellings at that address and the Board is satisfied by reasonable means that separate households existed.

3. In the event multiple households live in one dwelling, only one application will be received.

4. Must submit a claim using the application to the relevant local government authority’s local recovery committee.

A Local Recovery Committee for the Shire of Mundaring has been established from representatives of the local government authority. 

The Local Recovery Committees will receive and assess claims and make recommendations to the Board of the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund on an appropriate level of assistance for individual claims.

Please be aware that the final decision regarding the extent of assistance for each claim rests with the Board of the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund. 

For those applying for assistance, please download the application form below. 

Fees waived for Department of Transport WA 

To assist the community to recover, Department of Transport WA have waived fees for those who have been directly impacted by the bushfires for the following:
  • Replacement vehicle number plates (ordinary state or district plates)
  • Certified copies of licences for vehicles destroyed in the bushfires
  • Replacement driver’s licence card (including an extraordinary driver’s licence and learner's permit)
  • Replacement WA Photo Card
  • Replacement Learner Log Book
  • Recreational Skipper’s Tickets
  • Boat registration papers
For information on how to arrange the free replacement for any of the above, please contact 13 11 56 or visit your nearest Department of Transport centre. 

Water Corporation - account adjustments 

Residents impacted by the Wooroloo Fire may be eligible for financial support and assistance from Water Corporation. 

Customers who have lost their property will have their account adjusted. 

In addition:
• All existing charges will be waived;
• All new service charges will be waived until February 2022;
• No cost for the replacement of your fire-damaged water meter;
• Building application fees and water service disconnection or reconnection fees will be waived;
• Customers in the red zone area; and
• If your property was in the red zone area during the fire, you will automatically receive a 20kL allowance on your water   use. You don't have to do anything as Water Corporation has applied these measures automatically.
Support for customers with property fire damage
If you have experienced property damage as a result of the bushfire, an allowance of up to 50kL on your water use will be granted (pending individual circumstances). You will not incur any costs for replacing a fire-damaged water meter.
Flexible payment options and payment assistance, such as putting your account on hold through Water Corporation's Time Assist program, is also available.
Allowance for customers who defended their property
If you defended your property during the bushfire, you’re eligible to receive an allowance of up to 50kL for water used to defend your property, pending individual circumstances.
Assistance with property repairs
Any fire-damaged water meters will be repaired at no cost to you. 

You’re also eligible to receive up to 20kL allowance on your water use (pending individual circumstances), to help with the recovery and clean up.
Allowance for businesses providing temporary housing for evacuees
If your business provided free accommodation for bushfire evacuees, you’re entitled to receive up to 20kL allowance on your water use.
For businesses who assisted with the temporary arrangements for the adjustment of livestock and horses or who’s water use is negatively impacted in some other way due to the fire should contact 13 13 85, and Water Corporation will consider assistance on a case-by-case basis.
Additional requests for financial support

Any requests for higher allowance will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If at any time you’re having trouble paying your bills, Water Corporation have various flexible payment arrangements to help make your payments easier.
How to apply

To apply for a water use allowance, please call Water Corporation on 13 13 85. 

NAB - WA Bushfire Disaster Relief Package 

NAB bank has announced they can provide the following financial relief to customers affected by the Wooroloo Bushfire:

  • Suspending home and personal loan repayments and waiving application fees and charges;
  • Waiving fees and charges for withdrawing term deposits early;
  • Supporting business banking customers to restructure existing bank facilities;
  • Providing credit card relief; and
  • Providing access to complimentary, professional and confidential counselling.

Further assistance

Customers who need help with their finances can visit their nearest open NAB branch, contact their banker directly, call NAB Assist on 1800 701 599 (8am-8pm Mon-Fri, or 9am-1pm on Saturdays AEST/AEDT) or visit

Small business that need help can call 1300 961 577

Agri customers that need help can contact their banker

For emergency claims, or general insurance, call 1300 555 013

For Property and motor vehicle insurance assistance, call 132 652

Rural West - Small Business and Rural Financial Counselling

This service is an extension of what is already available to regional small businesses and primary production enterprises. 

The experienced Rural West team will work with clients to manage both immediate and underlying issues for a positive and sustainable future.

What they can do: 
  • Give a hand to deal with the immediate issues 
  • Identify financial implications 
  • Develop solution sets for a way forward
  • Facilitate negotiations with lenders
  • Identify available assistance schemes
  • Give a hand to develop longer term solutions
For assistance, please call 1800 612 004, visit, or email

Hotline for Welfare Support  

The Department of Communities has set up a Disaster Response hotline. If you've been affected by the bushfires, welfare support assistance may be available to you. Please contact the Disaster Response Hotline on 1800 032 965
DFES Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements WA

The different funding options available under the DRFAWA are referred to as assistance measures. These are broken down into four main categories:


Category A – Emergency assistance for individuals. These measures are generally administered by the Department of Communities and local government.

Category B – Emergency assistance for the repair or essential public assets and to support primary producers and small business to recover from a disaster event.

Category C – A community recovery package that is intended to support a holistic approach to the recovery if regions, communities or sectors severely affected by an eligible disaster

Category D – Covers ‘exceptional circumstances’, in the opinion of the Commonwealth, to alleviate distress or damage


Under WA emergency management arrangements, the Department of Communities is responsible for coordinating the provision of welfare support services to people affected by an emergency or disaster. This includes emergency accommodation, catering, clothing and personal items, support services, financial assistance etc. This may be linked with DRFAWA funding above.

More information can be found on the DFES website 

WA Summer Bushfire Appeal

Bendigo Bank has launched the Western Australia Summer Bushfire Appeal in response to the devastating and ongoing bushfire emergency in the state. The appeal will be conducted by the bank's charitable arm, Community Enterprise Foundation™, and funds raised will be used in a range of locally identified charitable areas to provide relief and recovery in the fire affected areas. Donations can be made at any branch of the Bendigo Bank or by visiting WA Summer Bushfire Appeal 


All services are open and ready to support people as a matter of priority. This includes support with access to available grants and payments, assessing insurance entitlements and are paying for vulnerable people affected by the bushfire to go into more suitable accommodation until their claims are processed or they can return home.

Phone, online or face to face appointments can be made. Emergency relief is available to assist with food, bill payments, accommodation etc. More information can be found on their Facebook page or the MIDLAS website 

Services Australia/Centrelink – Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP) and Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA) 

This support is for eligible people adversely affected by the Wooroloo bushfire. People have until 2 August 2021 to claim and must live in with Shire of Mundaring or City of Swan. It is a lump sum payment to help people if a declared disaster significantly affects them. It is NOT for minor damage or inconvenience. If eligible people will receive $1000 per adult and $400 per child.

Services Australia/Centrelink – Australian Government Disaster Recovery Allowance

This is a short term payment to assist where a declared disaster directly affects a person’s income. It is received for a maximum of 13 weeks and is paid from the date income is lost as a direct result of the Wooroloo bushfire. The payment is taxable. Eligibility criteria apply. The maximum rate is the equivalent of JobSeeker payment or Youth Allowance, based on individual circumstances. Income before and after the fires will affect how much is received.

More information can be found on the Services Australia website. 

Due to COVID restrictions, the best way to make a claim is to call 1800 22 66 between 8am and 5pm. 

Communicare Creating Futures – Emergency Assistance Program (Emergency Relief)

Providing food assistance in emergency situations when individuals and families are experiencing financial hardship.

More information can be found on the Communicare website.

DSS Grants Service Directory

Financial crisis and emergency relief support organisations.

More information can be found on the Department of Socials Services website  

WA State Government Power Outage Payments

The State Government has authorised extra power outage payments for those affected by the Wooroloo bushfire. The payment has been doubled, with those who lost power for more than 12 hours able to apply.

More information can be found on the Western Power website 

CWA (Country Women’s Association) – Assistance Disaster Relief

The CWA Fund is offering quick grants of up to $500 for individuals/families who have had losses as a result of the bushfires.

More information can be found at Country Women's Association

NAB Disaster Relief Package for Customer

Those customers affected by the bushfires will receive financial relief through NAB by:

  • Suspending home and personal loan repayments and waiving application fees and charges
  • Waiving fees and charges for withdrawing term deposits early
  • Supporting business banking customers to restructure existing bank facilities
  • Providing credit card relief
  • Providing access to complimentary, professional and confidential counselling

More information can be found at NAB 

WA Connect

Online directory of services that can be used for emergency purposes such as emergency accommodation, rent assistance, food vouchers etc.

More information can be found on the WA Connect website 

Ask Izzy

Connects people with housing, a meal, financial assistance, health services and more.

Visit Ask Izzy website 

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