What is Family Day Care?

Family day care provides families with the unique opportunity to have children participate in an early childhood education and care program by a qualified educator, in small groups and a home setting.  

Children's learning, development and wellbeing is nurtured and supported by their  educator with individual learning programs linked to a National Learning Framework.

Educators may care for babies and children up until the commencement of secondary school and often cater to the flexible hours required of parents as well as before and after school / kindy care and vacation care.  A maximum of 7 children (with no more than 4 preschool age or under) can be educated and cared for at a family day care residence/venue at any one time.  This incudes an educator's own children under 13 years of age.

Educators are small business operators and must be registered members of an approved family day care service.  Family day care services are approved, assessed and rated by the Education and Care Regulatory Unit (ECRU), WA and all parties are work within the Education and Care Services National law (WA) and Regulations (2012).

As members, educators are resourced, supported, assessed against the National Quality Standard and monitored for compliance of current laws and regulations by family day care service staff and ECRU.

Educators bring a wealth of skills, creativity, knowledge and diversity to a team; their homes must comply with health and safety requirements and offer age appropriate play environments and experiences.

Family day care offers a natural choice and transition for children into an education and care setting.  Learn more about family day care for your child or as a business opportunity with Eastern Region Family Day Care in the links below:

Eastern Region Family Day Care

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