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Eastern Region Family Day Care have educators in several areas in Perth's Eastern Region - contact us to query availability in your area.


Fees for your child's education and care are outlined in a Statement of Fees, this includes a Service Parent Administration levy and educator payment. All fees are pre-approved by the service and eligible families may access Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate.

Payments are calculated based on your family income assessment by the Family Assistance Office. Your parent fee is paid directly to your educator and any balance due to an educator is claimed through ERFDC. Any questions regarding fees can be directed to either your educator or the ERFDC.

Number of children in care

The number of children in care is set by the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2012, it ensures that no more than seven children (including an educator's own child) are in care at any one time.

Of this, no more than four children can be under school age and three primary school aged. In addition, a policy requirement has been established whereby only one baby under 12 months may be in care at any one care session (exceptions can apply).

Indoor and outdoor play

Planned and spontaneous indoor and outdoor experiences for children have a play-based focus and are specific to each child and the small group. Experiences will vary from dressing up, story telling, building cubbies, messy play, painting/collage, singing and dancing, playing games, reading, cooking, water and sand play, obstacle courses, visits to parks, libraries and play sessions.

Experiences may be initiated or led by a child whereas others will be planned and offer intentional teaching by an educator. Experiences prepare children in all aspects of their development and learning. Children are given opportunities to explore and gain a love of learning that will promote each child's ability to reach their full potential and school readiness (where appropriate).

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