A Business Opportunity

Are you considering a professional and rewarding home business in family day care?  If you meet our criteria below we're excited you could be the right fit to join our team:


  • are over 18 years
  • truly value and enjoy interacting with children with a sense of fun and their families 
  • have excellent communication skills (essential verbally, written and ever developing digitally)
  • are calm, in good health, have plenty of energy and motivation to care for children
  • are knowledgeable about child development
  • have an understanding and positive approach to supporting children's behaviour
  • have a supportive family / household members
  • are creative (embrace children's messy art and play), resourceful and keen to offer a variety of play based learning experiences for children of mixed ages
  • have excellent hygiene, safety and nutritional practices (live and promote a healthy lifestyle)
  • appreciate and care for our natural environment (a great recycler, gardener and enjoy the outdoors)
  • love to learn, upskill and acquire knowledge through ongoing professional development and reading (a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care qualification or more is essential)
  • are incredibly organised and understand that business record keeping and documenting children's learning and progress is a must in our industry
  • are committed to working as a team and building trusting relationships with children, families and family day care staff / educators.

Changes to your home

Many family homes (especially with young children) may already meet many of the health and safety requirements necessary to become a registered educator. Our Registration Officer is able to visit your home to provide recommendations for any adjustments to meet regulatory requirements.

Children's learning areas for consideration:

  • a place for messy play, like art or water activities
  • a place for loud, active play, like jumping, rolling, and dancing
  • a space for working or playing quietly 
  • a place to pretend
  • a place to play in groups and solo
  • a place to eat
  • a place to relax, rest or sleep
  • places in the home children can participate in home learning opportunities - cooking, gardening etc

Benefits for educators

Some of the benefits of starting your own family day care business and joining Eastern Region Family Day Care are:

  • assistance in setting up your business with a nationally accredited service rated exceeding
  • flexibility and choice of work days / hours / holidays
  • working from home and being available for your own children / family
  • an income and deductable expenses as a self employed small business operator
  • ongoing and regular support and guidance from early childhood professionals and administration staff (office always staffed weekdays, face to face support visits)
  • access to professional operational documentation (paper and electronic)
  • practical guidance and training with documentation for children's learning and progress assessment
  • access to weekly facilitated play sessions (community venue and pop ups)
  • school holiday incursions / excursions 
  • personal wellbeing and professional development opportunities and resources (children and educator)
  • connection and support with a large team of professional educators - Facebook group, home play sessions, excursions, social get togethers (Feb, July and Nov)
  • transparent communications about our not for profit service operations
  • referrals and active advertising for requests for care
  • advocacy in our industry and community
  • liaise with enrolled and new families
  • Eastern Region Family Day Care family events - Families Week, end of year party
  • community promotions - join the service team (infomation stalls with children's experiences at events)
  • business payment support and guidance
  • emergency 24/7 support
  • access to service office weekdays and street library and recycling station
  • active members of FDCWA and FDCA
  • making a difference for families and children in your community
  • opportunities of days filled with play, the outdoors and laughter.

  For more information click to download our 

Eastern Region Family Day Care New Educator Handbook 2020.pdf 

or contact Gaye Kara on 9290 6822 or fdcc1@mundaring.wa.gov.au

​Registration Officer
9290 6822

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