Community Grants Program


About the community grants program

The Shire has developed the community grants program to provide funds to local community groups for activities that not only benefit the members of the group, but the broader community. 

Grants must meet identified community need, promote active participation of local residents and build community strength.

The grants program is organised on a financial year basis and is a competitive process.

Community grants available and dates

A range of grants are available throughout the year.

​​Community Event Grant

​​The Community Event Grant awards up to $5000 for groups wishing to run fetes, festivals, markets, sporting/recreational carnivals, exhibitions, small performances and training related to the event. Funding can be used for running the events, training and insurance costs.

Groups applying for $501-$5000, must be able to match Shire funding dollar for dollar.​

The grant is offered twice per financial year (subject to availability of funds).

Key dates

  • Grant applications open: 11 February 2022
  • Grant applications close: 14 March 2022
  • Notification date: from 27 April 2022
  • Grant applications open: 20 May 2022
  • Grant applications close: 20 June 2022
  • Notification date: from 3 August 2022

Matching ​Grant

​​The Matching Grant awards up to $2000 for projects meeting the needs of the local community including equipment, minor capital upgrades, promotional material and training. 

Groups applying for $501-$2000, must be able to match Shire funding dollar for dollar.​

The grant is offered twice per financial year (subject to availability of funds).

Key dates

  • Grant applications open: 11 February 2022
  • Grant applications close: 14 March 2022
  • Notification date: from 27 April 2022
  • Grant applications open: 20 May 2022
  • Grant applications close: 20 June 2022
  • Notification date: from 3 August 2022

​Milestone Event Grant

​The Milestone Events Grant awards ​$2500 to assist a group to celebrate a significant milestone achievement. 

The grant is offered annually. 

Key dates

  • Grant applications open: 11 February 2022
  • Grant applications close: 14 March 2022
  • Notification date: from 27 April 2022

​General Purpose Quick Grants

General Purpose Quick Grants awards up to $500 to community groups for the purchase of small equipment, training, promotional material and any other small projects that benefit the community.​

The grant is offered twice per financial year​.

Key dates

  • Grant applications open: 22 April 2022
  • Grant applications close: 23 May 2022
  • Notification date: from 16 June 2022
  • Grant applications open: 16 September 2022
  • Grant applications close: 17 October 2022
  • Notification date: from 14 November 2022

​Volunteer Recognition Event Grant

The Volunteer Recognition Event Grant awards $300 to volunteer-based organisations to undertake activities and celebrations for the benefit of their members, with the purpose of recognising their contribution to the group.​

​The grant is available all year.

Key dates

  • Applications can be made at any time
  • Notification of grants awards: 2 weeks from submission

​Youth Grant

The Youth Grant assists young people aged 8-18 who have been selected to represent their club or institution at events or activities in a range of fields including sport and recreation, technology, arts, community service, culture and environment.

The Youth Grant is available to individual applicants only.

The grant is available all year.

Key dates

  • Applications can be made at any time
  • Notification of grants awards: 2 weeks from submission



To be eligible for a Youth Grant, applications need to:

  • Reside in the Shire of Mundaring
  • Be aged between eight and 18 years
  • Provide documentation from the relevant body confirming their selection for the event
  • Make only one application per 12 month period
  • Submit the application at least one month prior to the event.


Groups are eligible for grants if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Incorporated not-for-profit organisation based in Shire of Mundaring
  • Un-incorporated community group under the auspices of an incorporated association*
  • A Parents and Citizen’s Association based in the Shire*
  • A Shire Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade 
  • A Shire registered Environmental Friends Groups*.

*Conditions apply. Please refer to Community Grants Guidelines (provided below).

How to apply

Important note: All community groups must discuss their ideas and options with Shire before applying, especially for those seeking funds for the first time.

You can view and apply for grants currently open through SmartyGrants.

For more detailed information please refer to the guidelines below. This document provides information on:

  • Eligibility
  • Assessment criteria
  • Grant decision making process
  • Conditions
  • Promotion
  • Acquittal process
  • Examples of what will be funded.

A guide to writing grants is also available.

Community Funding Program Grant Guidelines (PDF)

Grant Writers Guide for Community Groups (PDF)

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for a grant as an individual?

​The only situation available to an individual to apply for funding is the Youth Grants scheme that will support young people to attend national and international events. The guidelines and application form can be found on Shire of Mundaring website.

Can I get help if I'm new to this?

Do not be put off from thinking about and actually applying for funds. Some of the smaller grants do not require a great deal of information. There is support available to you from the Community Capacity Building Officer (9290 6678 or

Grant Writing Workshops are provided by the Shire to help you feel confident to get an application completed. Please let us know if you are interested in the workshop by emailing

For more information on how to apply for funding for your group, see the Guide to Writing Grants link on the Community Grants home page.

Can two groups apply together for a grant?

Yes, partnering with another group to apply for funding is likely to improve your chances of receiving funding, especially if you can show that the partnership will lead to better results for the community.

One group will however need to be identified as the "lead" group and will be responsible for the management and acquittal of the funds from the same grant pool.

Can we apply for grant funding more than once?

​Yes, however this depends on the type of grant you are applying for. Please read the guidelines for the various grants that can be downloaded from the Community Grants web page. If you have un-acquitted funds from the Shire you will not be eligible to receive additional funds from the same grant pool.

Can we apply from other funding sources as well?

​Yes, groups are encouraged to supplement Shire funding with support from other funding sources, particularly where the grant has a matching component. Funding sources could include (but are not limited to) sponsorship, donations, other grants and fundraising activities. Other funding sources should be included in the budget section of your grant application.

Do we need to provide receipts with our acquittal?

​Yes, documentation to show how the grant has been expended is required, ie. invoices and receipts.

Does our group need to be incorporated?

Grants are provided to incorporated not-for-profit organisations and Parents and Citizen's Associations of schools within the Shire. These groups will have a bank account in the organisations name into which the grant funds can be placed.

An unincorporated community group can only apply for funding if they do so under the auspices of another incorporated organisation. The incorporated organisation will be responsible for receiving and managing the funds.  Funds will be paid directly to the bank account of the auspicing organisation. It is the responsibility of the auspicing organisation and the applicant to negotiate and agree upon the conditions of the auspicing arrangement.

Organisations that receive recurrent funding for services from the Shire are not eligible to apply for Shire grants.

Does our group need to be located in the Shire?

​Eligible organisations based outside of the Shire undertaking projects for the benefit of the Shire of Mundaring residents and places, and whose primary aim is the improvement of the quality of life of the community can apply for funding.

How do I put together an appropriate budget?

Many people have difficulty when it comes to providing a budget for their project. This simple example is designed to assist applicants to understand what is required of them when it comes to submitting financial details relevant to their proposal. In this example, the overall cost of the project is $800. The group intends to purchase $500 worth of equipment and spend $150 on printing and $150 on catering. To cover the costs associated with the project, the group plans to contribute $200 from their own funds, have a confirmed donation from a local business for $100 and are asking for a grant of $500. Any other sources of income, including grants sourced from elsewhere, should be included in the income column. The Income and Expenditure columns should total to the same amount so that it is evident that you can cover your costs and where the funds will come from to do so. 

How do you become incorporated?

​All the information you need is on the WA Department of Commerce web site, , in the Consumer Protection section on the Charities and Associations page. The alternative is to Google "incorporation + WA" and you should find the information.

How is it decided whether a group is funded or not?

  1. Determine if the organisation is eligible for the funds
  2. Check against the particular grants lists of what will and will not be funded
  3. Check that you meet the assessment criteria of the grant, such as:
    • The aim of the project meets an identified need of the group and the purpose and requirements of the grant program
    • Demonstrates the benefits the project will bring to the local community
    • Demonstrates the level of community consultation and support for the project
    • Demonstrates the capacity of the community to contribute to the project
    • In-kind contribution of the group
    • Provides a detailed budget
    • Outlines how the project outcomes will be evaluated.
  4. The Community Event, Matching and Giving Back Grant applications are presented to the Grants Selection Occasional Committee, comprised of Councillors who make the decision as to which  applications are to be funded.  All other grants are approved by the Chief Executive Officer.

There are further criteria for the Community Event Grant. This information is provided in the Grant Guidelines above. It is very important that you read them before applying for funding. It is always a good idea to discuss your project with the Community Capacity Building Officer before submitting your application.

How long do we have to acquit a successful grant?

Acquittals are required for the following grants:

  • Quick Grant
  • Matching Grant
  • Community Event Grant
  • Volunteer Milestone Event Grant

The acquittal report is to be provided within three months of the completion of the project or one month after the anniversary of notification of the financial assistance, whichever shall occur first. An acquittal form can be accessed through SmartyGrants once your grant has been paid.

Is there a limit to the amount of funds we can request?

Each grant type has a limit to the amount of funds that can be applied for. They are as follows:

  • Quick Grants are a maximum of $500
  • Matching Grants are maximum of $2000 that is matched by the applicant with the same amount of funds
  • Community Events Grants up to a maximum of $5000
  • Giving Back Grants. $2500 for a significant milestone event (one per year) and "volunteer recognition" events to the value of $300
  • Youth Grants are for $200 to attend a state or national event and $300 for an international event

What can we use the funding for?

Funding can be used for a range of activities, events and projects that are of a benefit to your group and the community. This could include things such as:

  • Coaching clinics or workshops for your members
  • Advertising materials to promote community awareness of your group
  • Equipment, such as that used for catering or safety
  • Minor capital upgrades
  • Community gardens
  • Cultural and sporting activities and events
  • Projects that provide services and activities for seniors, families, youth and people with disabilities or skills development initiatives where the activity is made available to the wider community.

Please read the guidelines for the different grants to identify which best suits your needs. If you require any further information contact the Community Capacity Building Officer.

What documentation do we need?

This will vary depending on the grant you are applying for. The relevant application form will ask for the required documentation for each grant.

What is access and inclusion and how do I address it in my application? 

The Shire of Mundaring is dedicated to providing a welcoming community for people with disability.  As part of this you are also required to consider access and inclusion through your grant funding. 

Grant seekers are asked to address access and inclusion in their applications to ensure that people with disability have an opportunity to be included in their activities. Examples of inclusive grant outcomes include:

  • Purchase of equipment that includes people with disability
  • Providing an accessible portable toilet at an event
  • Providing clear, easy to read directional signage for functions
  • Promoting with an email address as well as a phone number to include a person who is hard of hearing or deaf and asking people to notify the grant recipient of their access requirements
  • Providing an interpreter
  • Purchasing a rubber ramp for a doorway to remove a step/lip.

The Disability Services Commission's Accessible Events Checklist is a useful tool to assist in adequately addressing Access and Inclusion for community events. The Accessible Events Guide also provides information on how to make your event accessible and inclusive.

It is a legal requirement to provide access and inclusion for people with disability through the Disability Services Act 1993, Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) and the Equal Opportunity Act 1984

Grant seekers are strongly encouraged to discuss their project with the Coordinator Community Engagement prior to submitting their application.  Please phone 9290 6715 or email for assistance.

What won't be funded?

  • Capital works being undertaken by the community group or the Shire of Mundaring through other budget processes/major capital infrastructure projects
  • Corporate/profit making events or projects
  • Recurrent operational and staffing costs
  • Educational Institutions
  • Deficit funding
  • Sponsorship
  • The purchase of alcohol
  • Purchase of prizes and gifts
  • Activities that are the core funding responsibility of other government agencies
  • Equipment costs that are not an element of the event or the activity/purpose of the group
  • Commercial projects for the personal or financial benefit of the applicant
  • Faith-based activities of religious organisations (the welfare and community service activities of faith-based groups may be supported)
  • Projects with a political purpose
  • Lobbying activities.

When will we know if our application is successful?

The timing will vary. Some grants are required to go to a committee for assessment and a decision, allow 6-8 weeks from the closing date. The smaller grants tend to be able to be assessed and "signed off" in a shorter time frame, allow approximately 4 weeks from the closing date.

All successful and unsuccessful grant applicants will be notified of the outcome in writing. An agreement will be provided to successful applicants of the Community Event and Matching Grant outlining the terms and conditions of the grant including acknowledgement, promotional and acquittal responsibilities.

Who can I use as a referee?

A referee should be a person who is familiar with your group and its activities but is not a member of your organisation. ​Shire Councillors and Staff cannot be used as referee's on grant applications.

More information and contact

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your application, please contact us on 9290 6678 or email

In addition to the Community Grants Program, the Shire also administers a Youth Engagement Partnership Fund.

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