COVID-19 safety guidelines and safety plan

Businesses will need to comply with conditions outlined in the COVID Safety Guidelines and complete a COVID Safety Plan.

If you would like an Environmental Health Officer to check and validate your venue, please contact the Shire on 9290 6666. 

Protecting your team and patrons

To protect your team and customers, it is important that staff do not come to work if they are sick.

Ensure staff and volunteers are aware of their responsibilities in regard to:

  • Social distancing especially in shared areas such as lunchrooms
  • Personal cleaning of their work areas including desks, computers, phones etc
  • Personal hygiene, including frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitiser.

Ensure your team is safe by:

  • Encouraging minimal contact (limit handling of money)
  • Install sneeze guards if necessary in reception areas
  • Provide and promote hand sanitiser for patrons to use on entering your facility
  • Display symptom reminder for patrons. 

Also, identify areas that are high traffic and accessed by the public and establish procedures to adequately clean these surfaces, as they may present a potential risk to COVID-19 transmission. The cleaning frequency should be increased to at least twice per day when the venue is being used.

Visit the Department of Health website for the following resources:

  • Cleaning in non-healthcare settings - home and workplace
  • How to wash your hands poster
  • Identifying the symptoms poster.

Financial support

The Western Australian Government website provides information on financial relief measures for business, including how to apply.

Additional resources