2022 Local Government Extraordinary Election - Meet the Candidates 

Zoran Todrovic  

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Anthony Spagnolo

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Claire Hurst

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Jeremy Strang

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Sharon Milton

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Will Scott

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Kate Driver

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Voting in the upcoming Local Government Extraordinary Election

Read the Election Notice

Voting in a local government election is not compulsory in WA. However, all electors are strongly encouraged to vote.

There are two types of local government elections - postal elections and in person elections. At a postal election, electors are sent an election package which includes the ballot papers and may then vote at home and post the completed papers. At a voting in person election, electors may vote early or by post but most choose in person on election day at a polling place within the district.

Postal elections
Most local government elections administered by the Commission are conducted by post. It has become the most popular means of conducting local government elections and generally has a higher elector participation rate.

All eligible East Ward electors will receive a postal voting package two to three weeks prior to polling day, depending on the service delivery of Australia Post. The package will include a list of candidates, ballot papers, instructions on how to vote and a declaration. To vote, follow the instructions included in the package. Your postal voting package must be received before 6.00pm on polling day. If you do not think that your postal voting package can be returned by post in time, you can deliver it by hand to the Shire Administration Building.

Voting in person elections
Eligible electors can also vote at the Shire Administration Office between 8am and 6pm on polling day, Friday 1 July. 

Local Government Ordinary Elections

About Local Government Ordinary Elections

Local government ordinary elections are held on the third Saturday in October every two years. The next state-wide ordinary elections are scheduled for Saturday 21 October 2023.

Councillors are elected for a terms of four years. Elections are held every two years for half of the council, and candidates are elected using the first-past-the-post voting system. If a vacancy occurs within a term, an extraordinary election is held.

The Shire has previously elected to conduct local government elections as a postal vote election and are likely to continue this practice for future elections.

The Electoral Commissioner is responsible for conducting all local government postal elections in Western Australia and can also conduct voting in person elections on request under the Local Government Act 1995. By making the Electoral Commissioner responsible for these elections, the local governments concerned ensure that elections are conducted independently and with impartiality.

Current Elected Members

Current elected members

Includes contact details and ward boundary map.

More information and contact

For more information about the local government elections, visit the WA Electoral Commission website.