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Lake Leschenaultia Park has been reopened following strict COVID-19 restrictions

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As of Saturday 6 February, the following facilites will be open to the public during usual operating hours.


 Shire facilities

  • Albert Facey Memorial Library, Mundaring
  • Bilgoman and Mt Helena Aquatic Facilities 
  • Hub of the Hills
  • Katharine Susannah Prichard Library, Boya
  • Lake Leschenaultia (the kiosk and canoe hire are closed for the weekend 6 - 7 February)
  • Mathieson and Coppin Road Community Recycling Centres (including Grab n Go shops and Containers for Change facility)
  • Mundaring Visitor Centre
  • Shire Administration Building
  • Shire Operations Depot
  • Shire ovals and hardcourts (excluding those listed below)

Other community and indoor sporting facilities including changerooms

  • Playgrounds
  • Skate parks / dirt jumps
  • Outdoor gyms
  • Barbecues
  • Boya Community Centre
  • Community Halls
  • Sports Pavilions
  • Mundaring Hardcourts


The following Shire facilities being used for the emergency response and will remain closed:

  • Brown Park Recreation Centre
  • Brown Park ovals
  • Chidlow Oval and Pavilion
  • Mundaring Oval and Pavilion
  • Mundaring Arena
  • Swan View Youth Centre


Visitors to our facilities will be asked to follow the State Government's guidelines:

  • Practice the 4 square metre capacity rule
  • A maximum of 150 people limit will apply
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided and  wear a mask;
  • Sign in using either the SafeWA app or the contact register. 

Shire facilities closed for Covid lockdown period - 31 January 2021

In response to State government advice today, following a confirmed COVID-19 case in the Perth community, Shire of Mundaring will close several facilities for the duration of the five-day lockdown.

The closures began at 6pm on Sunday 31 January and will last until at least 6pm on Friday 5 February. All scheduled meetings will also be cancelled until further notice.

Affected Shire facilities include:

Shire Administration Building

Shire Operations Depot

All playgrounds and skate parks

Katharine Susannah Prichard Library in Boya

Albert Facey Memorial Library in Mundaring

Library return chutes will be closed during the lockdown. Patrons are asked to return their books after the lockdown period ends. No late penalties will apply.

Coppin Road and Mathesion Road Community Recycling Centres

Container for Change deposit point at Coppin Road Community Recycling Centre

Bligoman Aquatic Centre

Mt Helena Aquatic Centre

Boya Community Centre

Brown Park Community Centre

Lake Leschenaultia Park

Mundaring Arena

Swan View Youth Centre

The Hub of the Hills

Boya Oval Change Rooms

Bruce Douglas Pavilion

Chidlow Oval Pavilion

Darlington Hall and Lesser Hall

Darlington Oval Pavilion

Elsie Austin Oval Pavilion

Glen Forrest Hall

Glen Forrest Oval Change Rooms

Harry Riseborough Oval Pavilion

Hub of the Hills

Mundaring Hall

Mundaring Oval Pavilion

Mundaring Hardcourts

Parkerville Hall

Parkerville Oval Pavilion

Perth Hills Mundaring Visitor Centre

Sawyers Valley Hall

All Shire leased facilities

The following essential services will remain open during the lockdown:

Midvale Early Childhood and Parenting Centre

Eastern Region Family Day Care

Waste (green and yellow lidded bins) collection service


Phone only services will be available at:
Shire Administration Building

Shire Operations Depot

Perth Hills Mundaring Visitor Centre


Planning and building applications

Planning and building applications will be accepted during the lockdown period. Please contact 9290 6740 (Planning) or 

9290 6660 (Building) for more information.

Online transactions and deliveries
You can complete most business transactions and payments through our online services, the payment section of our website (Rates only) or by phone. 

Deliveries can be left at the front door during business hours.

Thank you

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your cooperation. Our community is our strength and we urge all residents to continue to check in on each other via phone, video call or a quick text message during this time.

Further information will be provided as it comes to hand and we encourage you to visit the latest announcements from the State government.


Contact registers introduced for COVID-19 tracing - 27 November 2020

Visitors to certain facilities within the Shire of Mundaring will be asked to register their contact details from 5 December 2020. 
From that date, particular businesses and organisations must maintain contact registers for potential WA Health Department COVID-19 contact tracing. 

If COVID-19 is detected in the WA community, contact registers will help to protect residents by enabling the WA Health Contact Team to quickly identify and assist anyone that may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Read more here.


Community Resilience Scorecard now available - 8 August 2020

Strategic planning and research provider CATALYSE has published the latest MARKYT Community Resilience Scorecard for Western Australia. 

The report is designed to assist local councils in making budgetary decisions, and carrying out strategic planning and performance evaluation, by assessing community needs and aspirations against the state as a whole.

The latest scorecard, which was open to all residents in Western Australia between 5 June and 8 July 2020, aims to help State and Local Government leaders understand the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities and their expectations of local councils with regards to recovery.

A total of 7,666 community members from 128 local government areas participated, including 106 residents of the Shire of Mundaring.

Read more here.


Tentative date for Phase 5 delayed - 7 August 2020
The tentative start date for Phase 5 of eased restrictions in Western Australia has been delayed to Saturday 29 August.

Premier Mark McGowan made the announcement on 7 August, emphasising the need for the State to remain cautious.

Subject to the latest health advice, Phase 5 would include:

  • Removing all remaining State restrictions, except for the hard border with the eastern states, and restrictions on travel to remove Aboriginal communities;
  • Removing the 2sqm per person rule for all venues; and
  • Removing the 50% capacity rule for major sports and entertainment venues.

View the State Government's COVID-19 WA roadmap.


Phase 4 restrictions begin - 27 June 2020

Western Australia entered Phase 4 of eased restrictions from Saturday 27 June 2020, in line with the State Government's WA Roadmap.

Phase 4 will see the following changes to COVID-19 restrictions in WA:

  • All existing gathering limits and the 100/300 rule removed
  • Gathering limits only determined by WA's reduced 2sqm rule
  • The 2sqm rule will only include staff at venues that hold more than 500 patrons
  • Removal of seated service requirements at food businesses and licensed premises
  • No requirement to maintain patron register at food businesses and licensed premises
  • Alcohol can be served as part unseated service arrangements
  • All events permitted except for large-scale, multi-stage music festivals
  • Unseated performances permitted at venues such as concert halls, live music venues, bars, pubs and nightclubs
  • Gyms operating unstaffed, but regular cleaning must be maintained
  • The casino gaming floor reopening under agreed temporary restrictions.

Key information for the Shire of Mundaring includes:

  • Midvale Early Childhood and Parenting Centre to reopen
    The centre will reopen from Tuesday 21 July 2020.
  • Increased capacity at Mundaring Arena
    The removal of all gathering limits, except for the 2sqm rule, will see patron capacity increased at Shire of Mundaring's largescale and outdoor sporting venues. This includes Mundaring Arena, which will have an increased capacity of 600 persons in both of its sports halls and a combined total capacity of 1200.

  • No requirement to maintain patron register*
    Local traders including food businesses and licensed premises, as well as Shire facilities, will longer be required to record customers' contact details.

    *However, these businesses must keep previous records of customer details for a minimum of 28 days after the State of Emergency has been lifted in WA, which is yet to be determined by the State Government.
  • Events can be held in the shire
    The eased restrictions mean the Shire is able to accept bookings for events at its community venues. Contact or call 9290 6731.
  • Shire facilities are up and running
    Nearly all Shire facilities are operating during their usual business hours, including the Administration Building, Mundaring Visitor Centre, libraries and Grab n Go facilities. 

We must stay vigilant:
Even as restrictions ease, it is important to stay vigilant. In line with State Government requirements, Shire of Mundaring will continue a thorough cleaning regimen in all facilities; to observe venue capacity limits as determined by the 2sqm rule; to ask staff and visitors to practice physical distancing and good hygiene and stay home if they are feeling unwell.

As always, we'd like to thank our local community, businesses and industry for their continued cooperation throughout this time. Together, we can keep our community safe.

More information:

  • State Government
    For more information about the State Government's response to COVID-19, including Phase 4 of easing of restrictions and the WA Roadmap, visit


Playgrounds back in full swing from this weekend - 3 June 2020

Playgrounds, skate parks, outdoor gyms and public barbecues will re-open on Saturday 6 June as Shire of Mundaring activates Step 3 of its COVID-Safety Plan.

The decision follows the recent State Government announcement to further relax restrictions as outlined in Phase 3 of its WA Roadmap.

From Saturday 6 June, full contact sport and training will also be permitted at Shire ovals and sporting facilities and the Mundaring Visitor Centre will resume face to face service. Meanwhile, the Shire's Grab n Go shops will open for the first time since mid-March.

Shire of Mundaring is still progressing through the final stages of Step 2 of its COVID Safety Plan with indoor sporting and community facilities to open on Monday 8 June. The Shire has been working to source cleaners, cleaning supplies and hygiene equipment for these facilities in order to comply with the State Government's new COVID Safety Plans.

By Monday 8 June almost all Shire facilities and services will be open during normal business hours with the exception of the Café at Lake Leschenaultia and the Shire's Parent and Child Centre. Opening dates for these facilities will be announced soon.

As required by the State Government, a range of safety and hygiene requirements will be in place at all Shire facilities until further notice. These include venue capacity limits, asking patrons to practise physical distancing and responsible hygiene, providing contact details if contact tracing is required and reminding people to stay away if they are unwell.

The Shire appreciates the assistance of all community members to help keep everyone safe from COVID-19.


Community and indoor facilities to re-open from 8 June - 27 May 2020

Shire of Mundaring will re-open its community and indoor sporting facilities from Monday 8 June with 50 per cent of fees to be waived until the end of June 2020.

Sporting and community groups can now book spaces at the following venues from 8 June onward:

  • Mundaring Arena
  • Brown Park Community Centre and Swan View Youth Centre
  • Boya Community Centre
  • Hub of the Hills
  • Community Halls
  • Sports Pavilions
  • Mundaring Hardcourts

The opening date was announced today as part of the Shire's three-step COVID Safety Plan. The Shire is currently progressing through Stage 2, which included re-opening the reception at its Administration and Operations centres and both libraries on Monday.

Ovals and hardcourts were opened on 18 May for non-contact training and non-contact sports only (during Step 1), with toilets at those facilities to re-open from 8 June. 

The Shire will detail Step 3 arrangements once the State Government outlines Phase 3 of its COVID-19 WA Roadmap.

Shire of Mundaring has been working to source cleaners, cleaning supplies and hygiene equipment in order to comply with the State Government's new COVID Safety Plans.

Those who book the Shire's indoor sporting and community facilities are reminded that they will be asked to abide by the conditions put in place by their sporting codes, community groups and the Shire. Conditions include restrictions on the number of people allowed in a venue at any one time, practising safe physical distancing and good hygiene and staying home when you are sick.

Participants are asked to be mindful that community sport may look and feel different upon their return, especially as contact sport is still a restricted activity. Community members are also reminded that they will be asked by their group, or Shire staff, to provide contact details. This information will help authorities to contact trace if a local outbreak occurs.

The conditions have been established to help community members navigate a "new normal" as regulations set by the State government to slow the spread of coronavirus are eased.

While toilets will be available, change rooms will remain closed at the above venues in line with current government regulations.

Bookings must be made via the Shire's Bookings Officer on 9290 6731 or via to ensure appropriate cleaning arrangements can be put in place.


Face to face service returns to Shire reception and libraries
 - 20 May 2020

Shire of Mundaring will reopen the reception at its Administration building and its two libraries on Monday 25 May.

Normal business hours will apply when staff resume face to face services at Albert Facey Memorial Library, Katharine Susannah Prichard Library and the Shire reception.

Shire President Cr John Daw said while staff have continued to deliver vital services in a different way to comply with COVID-19 regulations, a return to face to face service was welcome news.

"We have been closely following the latest government advice to help decide when certain facilities will reopen and have taken a steady and informed approach to ensure the safety of our community and staff," he said.

"We are proud of the way staff adapted to deliver popular services during recent months, including Click and Collect at our libraries. It has been wonderful to see how many library patrons used this service." 

Cr Daw asked library patrons and visitors to the Shire reception to practice social distancing and follow the COVID-19 regulations and safe hygiene practices advertised at each facility, including staying at home if they are sick.

"A maximum of five patrons will be allowed in the Shire reception at any one time and we are asking that people make cashless transactions where possible," he said.

"Meanwhile, until further notice, a maximum of 12 people will be allowed into Albert Facey Memorial Library in Mundaring, while 20 people will be permitted at Katharine Susannah Prichard Library in Boya."

Library patrons will be allowed to stay for a maximum of 30 minutes each time they visit.

Last week the Shire announced a three-step COVID Safety Plan to outline the steps it will take to reopen its facilities.

Ovals and hardcourts reopened on 18 May for non-contact training and non-contact sports only as part of Step 1.

Libraries and the Shire reception were listed in Step 2, along with some Shire owned community leased facilities. An opening date has not yet been announced for the other facilities listed in Step 2 including Mundaring Arena, Brown Park Community Centre, toilets at sports grounds and Shire halls and community centres.

Cr Daw said these facilities would reopen once the relevant body completed and complied with the State Government's COVID Safety Plans. Exact opening dates are also dependent on the Shire's ability to source cleaners, cleaning supplies and hygiene equipment.

Shire of Mundaring will announce Step 3 of its COVID Safety Plan after the State government outlines Phase 3 of its WA Roadmap in mid-June.

Shire of Mundaring COVID Safety Plan - 15 May 2020

Shire of Mundaring has developed a COVID Safety Plan to outline the steps it will take to reopen facilities from Monday 18 May.

The Shire will reopen its facilities when they are considered COVID Safe for community members and staff. Opening dates will follow a three step process as outlined below.

For Step 2, some opening dates are yet to be decided as they are dependent on the relevant body completing and complying with the State Government's COVID Safety Plans and the Shire's ability to source cleaners, cleaning supplies and hygiene equipment. 

You can download a COVID Safety Plan and the COVID Safety Guidelines for business and industry and sporting groups on these links.

STEP 1: 

From Monday 18 May the Shire will open:

Ovals and hardcourts for non-contact training and non-contact sport only. Toilets will not open at Shire sports grounds until Step 2.

Please note, Lake Leschenaultia Park partly reopened in late April including hiking, bike trails and swimming. Camping has resumed for May only and the kiosk is open on Saturdays and Sundays only. Canoe hire, the cafe, barbecues and the playground are still closed at the Lake. 

STEP 2: 

Community or sport spaces (Shire owned, community leased excluding galleries, museums and theatres) can reopen once the lessee completes a State government COVID Safety Plan and submits a copy to the Shire.

*During the week starting Monday 25 May we plan to open:

Shire Administration reception
Albert Facey Memorial Library
Katharine Susannah Prichard Library
Mundaring Arena
Brown Park Community Centre
Toilets at our sports grounds
Shire halls and community centres

Normal operating hours will apply. *An exact opening date for each facility will be advertised as soon as is practical, dependent on the Shire's ability to source cleaners, cleaning supplies and hygiene equipment.

STEP 3: 

The State government is expected to announce Phase 3 of its COVID-19 WA Roadmap in mid-June. The Shire will review those regulations and announce next steps as soon as we can.


Shire facilities to gradually reopen - 12 May 2020

Planning is underway to gradually open some Shire facilities in line with Phase 2 of the State Government's COVID-19 WA Roadmap.

Shire President Cr John Daw said while residents and ratepayers were keen to hear which services and facilities would reopen - and when - the Shire would take a steady and informed approach.

"The safety and wellbeing of community members and staff continues to be our primary focus," he said.

Read the full story here

Register now for free business advice workshops
- 7 May 2020 

Shire of Mundaring is providing a series of informative workshops to address the most pressing issues business and industry owners' face in our area. Read the full story here.

Lake Leschenaultia campground open for camping from 11 May until 31 May only
- 6 May 2020

Due to the lifting of some COVID-19 restrictions, the campground at Lake Leschenaultia will be open for camping from Monday 11 May through until 31 May only. Should the current lifting of restrictions be extended, the Shire will look to open the campground for more bookings in June. Read the full story here.


Have your say in our business and industry survey - 1 May 2020

Shire of Mundaring is calling on business and industry representatives to provide feedback on the economic impacts of COVID-19 in our community. Read the full story here.


Shire ovals and Lake Leschenaultia reopen for recreational purposes
- 28 April 2020

In line with the State Government's move to cautiously ease some COVID-19 restrictions, Shire of Mundaring has relaxed a handful of restrictions at its ovals and Lake Leschenaultia. Read the full story here. Read the full story here.


Council adopts COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy - 15 April 2020​

A new financial hardship policy endorsed by Mundaring Shire Council this week will offer fair, dignified and consistent support to ratepayers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full story here.


A message from the Shire President - 7 April 2020

Watch the video here


Community Connect program supports vulnerable community members - 6 April 2020

Shire of Mundaring has launched a new initiative to encourage community members to connect with, and support their neighbours. Read the full story here.


Relief and recovery strategies adopted to counter COVID-19 crisis - 3 April 2020  

Shire of Mundaring Council has adopted a raft of relief and recovery strategies aimed at supporting community members and groups, local businesses and industry through the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis. Read the full story here.



Administration Building and Operations Depot now closed to public - 25 March 2020

The Shire of Mundaring Administration Building and Operations Depot has been closed to the public until at least the end of April.

This decision was made following Commonwealth and the State Government announcements yesterday to close all non-essential local government facilities, maintain social distancing guidelines and for people to 'stay home unless absolutely necessary'. Read the full story here.


A message from the Shire President - 25 March 2020 

Watch the video here... 

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