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Is the Shire still open for business?
Will council meetings resume at the Shire offices soon?
Will my bin be collected?
Can I access Mathieson Road and Coppin Road Transfer Stations?
Can I still obtain a planning approval?
How is the Shire supporting residents at this time?
Will there be any changes to my Shire rates?
What are the payment options for paying my rates or other Shire accounts?
I have a debt to the Shire but am having difficulty paying. What should I do?
Which Shire bills can I pay online?
Will citizenship ceremonies still go ahead?
Are Building Services still operating?
I am working from home but my neighbour's dog keeps barking. Can the Shire assist me?
I'm worried about my neighbour and want to offer my help. How can I do this?
collapse Section : Our Facilities ‎(4)
Which Shire facilities are open?
Can I visit Shire of Mundaring Libraries?
Are borrowed library items sanitised?
Can I visit Lake Leschenaultia?
collapse Section : Government Advice ‎(7)
What is the COVID-19 coronavirus: WA Roadmap to ease restrictions?
What changes are happening on 6 June in Phase 3 of easing restrictions?
How do I download the Federal Government's COVIDSafe app?
What's the number for the WA COVID-19 Hotline?
How do I learn more about intrastate travel restrictions?
Who should I contact if a person who is required to self isolate is not self-isolating?
What information is available to Aboriginal people and culturally diverse groups?
collapse Section : Community Groups ‎(4)
Are there any changes for community groups who lease a Shire facility?
Will the Shire continue community engagement workshops?
Can our community group still apply for a Shire grant?
I would like to help, where can I volunteer?
collapse Section : Children’s Services ‎(2)
Is the Midvale Early Childhood and Parenting Centre open?
Can I attend activities at the Shire's Child and Parent Centres?

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