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Is the Shire still open for business?
Have Council meetings resumed in Council Chamber?
Will my bin be collected?
Can I access Mathieson Road and Coppin Road Transfer Stations?
Can I still obtain a planning approval?
How is the Shire supporting residents at this time?
What are the payment options for paying my rates or other Shire accounts?
I have a debt to the Shire but am having difficulty paying. What should I do?
Will citizenship ceremonies still go ahead?
Are Building Services still operating?
I am working from home but my neighbour's dog keeps barking. Can the Shire assist me?
I'm worried about my neighbour and want to offer my help. How can I do this?
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Are Shire facilities open?
Can I visit Shire of Mundaring Libraries?
collapse Section : Government Advice ‎(6)
What is the 'COVID-19 coronavirus: WA Roadmap'?
How do I download the Federal Government's COVIDSafe app?
What's the number for the WA COVID-19 Hotline?
How do I learn more about intrastate travel restrictions?
Who should I contact if a person who is required to self isolate is not self-isolating?
What information is available to Aboriginal people and culturally diverse groups?
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Are there any changes for community groups who lease a Shire facility?
Can our community group still apply for a Shire grant?
collapse Section : Children’s Services ‎(2)
Is the Midvale Early Childhood and Parenting Centre open?
Can I attend activities at the Shire's Child and Parent Centres?

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