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#WeirTogether and collaborating with our beloved
Hills community to support you through the COVID-19 crisis

Our community is our strength and to this end, Shire of Mundaring is starting to look beyond the COVID-19 crisis and proactively focussing on the rebuilding of our much loved Hills Community.

We are working to ensure positive outcomes for our community by partnering with key stakeholders and actively seeking input from residents and ratepayers.

Top tips on inspecting and applying for a rental property 

As the rental market is incredibily tight at the moment, Earnshaws Real Estate have provided some tips and tricks to give renters the best opportunity to find a place. 

Getting an Inspection

• Create a profile on all the rental websites/apps (,, and and set up alerts for properties that match your criteria.
• Allow notifications for those websites/apps on your phone, so as soon as new properties hit the market you can register to view them.

• When you get a notification with the inspection time, make sure you act fast. COVID regulations limit the numbers agents can have at open homes, so please click the link and book your spot at the viewing as soon as possible. 

Submitting a Strong Application

Property managers read your application thoroughly and check all your documents and references. Applicants are then submitted to the owner, who chooses which person gets to rent their home. 

The current rental market is very busy, so you need to create a strong application that stands out amongst the others.

Follow these tips to give your application the best chance of being considered by the property manager, and then submitted to the owner. 

• Make sure your application is complete. When we have lots of applications, property managers will prioritise ones that have everything filled in.

• Supply every piece of required documentation. A property manager might not bother to chase you for a copy of your ID, for example, if they already have five other complete applications. 

• Make sure your referees know they will get a call from the agent, and are prepared to speak on your behalf. 

• Add a cover letter to make your application a bit more personal. Give details that the agent can’t see on paper so they can tell the owners a little more about you – eg “We are a family of four, with two children at Darlington Primary.” “We have a Labrador named Max who is 11 and is very lazy.” “We are keen gardeners.” Show the owner you are the right fit for their home. 

• If you’re comfortable with it, add pictures of your pets, kids, your tidy back yard or how well you present your current home.

What Happens Next

Once you submit your application, the property manager enters your details in our system and you will be kept updated via text as to its progress. You will get a notification when the Property Manager is assessing your application, when it has been sent to the owner, and whether you’ve been successful. 

It's best not to call for an update on your application, please just wait for the text message letting you know what’s happening.

* Please note that real estate agents often have different policies and use different platforms to manage applications, so this info might change slightly depending on who you're dealing with.

During 2020, the Shire established a dedicated Community Relief and Recovery sub-committee which reports to the Local Relief and Recovery Coordinating Committee. The sub-committee provided advice and guidance on community recovery initiatives and mechanisms during Shire of Mundaring's response to the COVID-19 crisis and beyond by:

  • Creating a centralised point for information on the Shire website
  • Distributing localised information via the Community Connect newsletter (during the peak of the crisis)
  • The #WeirTogether campaign
  • A community survey to ascertain the impact of COVID-19 on community health and wellbeing
  • Recruitment and development of volunteers
  • Community Connect Program (see below)
  • Actively promote and support local emergency relief services
  • Explore grants program for local community and sporting groups
  • Development of 'Explore and Expose' photography project to reconnect community to their local spaces
  • Provision of information across a variety of mediums
  • Support community to get online through training opportunities
  • Support vulnerable community members
  • Facilitating Reimagine and Thrive webinars to support local sporting, environmental, youth organisations, and volunteer groups as well as not for profit organisations

Reimagine & Thrive Webinars support local community

In June and July 2020, Shire of Mundaring launched the Reimagine and Thrive webinar series.

View past webinar recordings below.

Past Webinars

Shire of Mundaring was pleased to partner with not-for-profit group, MIDLAS, who hosted six webinars covering ways to manage finances and access various financial support payments.

Ian Crawford from Candor Training and Consultancy presented an additional webinar, which taught participants how to write competitive grant applications and how to maximise the chances of securing sponsorship.  

Each session was recorded and has been made available below for viewing. 

Reimagine & Thrive Webinar 1 & 2: Your financial entitlements during COVID-19

View the Webinar here.
Access the presentation slides here.

Reimagine & Thrive Webinar 3: Grant writing and where to find funds

View the webinar here.

Reimagine & Thrive Webinar 4 & 5: Your spending plan during the pandemic and beyond

View the webinar here.

Access the presentation slides here.

Reimagine & Thrive Webinar 6 & 7: What are the September changes to JobKeeper & JobSeeker payments?

View the webinar here.

Access the presentation slides here.

Telephone outreach support for those in need 


To support community members
in need, Shire of Mundaring has partnered with Australian Red Cross - Emergency Services Western Australia to provide a telephone outreach service.

We're all feeling the challenges of COVID-19 and want to ensure no one faces them alone or feels disconnected from their community.

A simple phone call from a friendly, trained volunteer can make all the difference to someone's mental wellbeing.

If you are concerned about a friend or neighbour, please contact the Shire's Community Engagement team on 9290 6682 so they can be connected to this support service.

#WeirTogether and we're here to support our community.


COVID-19 Community Impact Survey Results

During 2020, the Shire conducted a COVID-19 Community Impact survey to determine the impact of COVID-19 on our community's health and wellbeing.

Survey results showed the top four issues being experienced in the community were:

  • Loss of employment
  • Financial difficulties
  • Social Isolation
  • Mental health

Responses are being used to develop community driven relief and recovery initiatives.

These included online webinars to support skill development and create better employment opportunities, financial support measures including grants for local community and sporting groups, as well as providing assistance to vulnerable community members. Survey results can be viewed in this short video below.




Community Connect initiative supports
vulnerable community members

In 2020, the Shire launched an initiative to encourage community members to connect with, and support, their neighbours.

The Community Connect program aimed to assist vulnerable members of our community and those who have chosen to self-isolate during the COVID-19 crisis.

Community members were encouraged to reach out and offer to support neighbours who may need help collecting groceries or urgent supplies, posting mail, walking a dog or simply checking in with a phone call.

The key to this program is remaining socially connected whilst maintaining physical distance which is why we have designed a flyer to help community members connect with one another.

If you'd like to get involved in our Community Connect program:

  • Remember to maintain safe social distancing and wash your hands frequently;
  • Please also observe general safety precautions such as not entering a stranger's home or sharing banking details.

If you would like to help a neighbour, simply download and complete this flyer and leave it in your neighbour's letterbox. If you would like us to post you a copy of the flyer please call 9290 6666.  

Are there any changes for community groups who lease a Shire facility?
Can our community group still apply for a Shire grant?

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