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Thank you to the wildlife photography enthusiasts who took part in "Wild Mundaring" Photography Competiton 2023.  With over 600 submissions of impressive, high-quality images, the competition has been an overwhelming success.  Eighteen local photography enthusiasts have been named winners across six categories. 

The winning photos will be included in a Wildlife of the Perth Hills booklet, as well as additional species photos that were submitted in the competition. All selected photos will include photo credit. Once published, the booklet will become a free resource for the community with the purpose of increasing awareness of the wildlife that lives among us and the habitats they require. This booklet will be available on our website later this year and will be available as a free hardcopy resource in 2024.  

The competition was judged by respected author, teacher and naturalist Eric McCrum and Operations Officer Fauna Conservation at Perth Hills District, Karen Jackson with the assistance of team members from the Shire’s Environment team.

View the category winners here:

Amphibian Category
Kayley Usher – Hooting Frog
Janet Rundle – Motorbike Frog
Simon Cherriman – Turtle Frog


Bird Category
Willem Heyneker - Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo
Simon Cherriman – Tawny Frogmouth
Carol McGrath – Black-shouldered Kite


Habitat Category
Nicole Wilkins – Flowing Stream
Peter Moltoni – Granite Outcrop
Carol McGrath – New Holland Honeyeaters at birdbath


Invertebrate Category
Andre Lebel – Blue Skimmer
Nicole Wilkins – Orange-footed Centipede
Simon Cherriman – Wolf Spider


Mammal Category
Stephen Quartly – Common Brushtail Possum
Simon Cherriman – Grey-bellied Dunnart
Ronald Dullard – Western Grey Kangaroo


Reptile Category
Fiona Crichton – Sand Goanna
Simon Cherriman – Snake-necked Tortoise (Oblong Turtle)
Margaret Dylan Jones – Thick-tailed Barking Gecko