Financial health score exceeds state average

Image courtesy of MyCouncil

Shire of Mundaring has scored above the state average for overall financial health according to data released by the State Government this month.

The 2018-19 local government statistics are the latest available on the MyCouncil website, a platform where residents and ratepayers can check their council's performance against other local governments in Western Australia.

The data includes a Financial Health Indicator or "FHI" score – which gives a snapshot of councils' overall financial health. A score of 70 or above indicates sound financial health, with the maximum achievable result being 100.

Data for 2019 reveals Shire of Mundaring scored a FHI of 84 - well above the state average of 67 and higher than the metropolitan councils' average of 75 recorded in the same year.

Shire president John Daw said he was pleased to see Mundaring rated well both locally and across WA.

"It's fantastic to see year-on-year data presented in this way. It gives local governments an opportunity to reflect on their financial management over time and provides increased transparency and information sharing between councils and their communities," he said.

"I am pleased to share that our council's enhanced focus on long term financial planning has seen Mundaring perform consistently well in recent years, achieving Financial Health Indicators of 84 in 2018/19, 85 in 2017/18 and 76 in 2016/17, respectively.

"While these results do not yet reflect the impact of COVID-19, Council's long term financial planning has addressed these circumstances and I am pleased to advise there will be no significant impact on the Shire's financial position in the long term.

"We understand our ratepayers expect good financial governance. Council places great emphasis on working with our community to listen to their concerns and deliver on priorities as outlined in the Shire's Strategic Community Plan."

In addition to financial health, MyCouncil also displays information on local government revenue and expenditure, details of councillor remuneration and gender diversity, and waste and recycling.

Local Government Minister David Templeman said the website was an excellent resource.

"I'm pleased that the MyCouncil website has figures that allow ratepayers and residents to easily assess and keep an eye on the financial performance of their council," he said.

"The website should be compulsory viewing for anyone who takes an interest in their community and wants to ensure their council is on track in terms of managing its finances and spending."

Data for the 2019-20 financial year will be available in 2021.

MyCouncil is maintained by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.


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