There's something about Mary Hayne

It's the end of an era for one of the Shire's most treasured Visitor Centre volunteers.

Starting her volunteering with the Mundaring Visitor Centre (now known as the Perth Hills Mundaring Visitor Centre) in 1997, Mary Hayne now 85, has decided to bid farewell to her role.

A Shire local, Mary has seen some wonderful changes in her time and continues to make positive changes wherever she goes.

A true humanitarian, Mary has spent her life giving back to community and church groups, as well as taking part in many fundraising efforts, including a 30 year-long connection with World Vision.

When asked about how she would be spending her spare time, Mary chuckled.

"I don't have spare time, I'm always doing something. I fundraise for World Vision and volunteer in my church," she said.

"I have a group with my girlfriends where we go out – we call ourselves the Wheels. We go to the symphony orchestra and the ballet and sometimes have fish and chips with champagne for lunch."

During her time at the Visitor Centre, Mary did what she does best – greeting people, making them feel at home and answering their questions.

"I don't know how to use computers, so I let the others do that. I'm just here to greet everyone," she said.

"It's great to have a conversation with people. I've enjoyed doing it for the past 24 years."

Working with Mary at the Centre since 2004, Dianne Ladhams said Mary was known around the shire for her baked goods, which she sells out the front of Mundaring Woolworths once a month to raise money for her preferred charities.

"She is well known for all baked goods, including scones, slices, biscuits, but it is her exotic jams that people line up for," Mrs Ladhams said.

"Many locals deliver fruit to her front door, together with empty jars, and Mary will spend hours making a selection of jams, based on what has been delivered."

An avid traveller, Mary has seen some of the most exotic places in the world and has many tales to share.

After her husband passed, Mary decided to write about her life of living and travelling all around the world for her children.

I'm glad I did it, my husband never got to doing it," Mary said.

"My daughter said 'mum, where are all the juicy parts?' But that's how it was; it's how I remember it."

Mary will always be a well-loved member of the Perth Hills Mundaring Visitor Centre.

Shire of Mundaring thanks her for her service and wishes her the best of luck.

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