Accessible internet station unveiled at Visitor Centre

Published on Wednesday, 19 January 2022 at 11:58:27 AM

The Perth Hills Mundaring Visitor Centre has unveiled a public internet station, tailored for greater accessibility for visitors and local residents. 

As part of the Shire’s commitment to improving inclusivity and accessibility, the station features a push-button electronic standing desk, trackball mouse, touch screen and a keyboard with larger keys.

Visitor Centre Co-ordinator Bev Beale said she hoped visitors made use of the new desk.
“Shire of Mundaring secured funding to acquire the station, which is free for anyone to access,” she said. 

“We hope it encourages more organisations to create spaces with better accessibility.”

The $2000 in funding was awarded through the Shire’s Disability Accessibility Inclusion Plan. 
The Shire has recently upgraded other sites – including toilet blocks at Broz Park in Helena Valley and barbecues and ramps at Lake Leschenaultia in Chidlow – to cater for those with mobility devices.
In addition, during late 2020 and 2021, the Shire proudly participated in the National Disability Services ‘This Bay is Someone’s Day’ campaign, which aims to reduce the misuse of ACROD Parking bays across Western Australia.

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