Bellevue resident among 21 to receive Citizenship on Australia Day

Published on Wednesday, 25 January 2023 at 12:00:00 PM

Moved by the unknown and harsh, beautiful landscapes depicted in a 1980s Australian film, a young Colombian boy was inspired to visit Australia one day.

Bellevue resident, Oscar Moreno Malaver, was only nine years old when he watched ‘The Earthling’ but the feeling it left in him has changed the course of his life.

Mr Moreno Malaver said he remembered how the movie touched him deep in his heart and inspired his travels to Australia later in life.

“The outback, animals and people in the movie were something that I needed to see in real life,” he said.

“It was a destination that I dreamt to go to one day.”

Fast forward to April 2012, Oscar’s dream became a reality when he touched-down in Perth.

Arriving in Perth, Mr Moreno Malaver’s first impression was the nice weather.

“The sky was so blue, sunny and windy,” he said.

“To see the storms come in from the sea was also something I had never seen before. I did not expect any of that.”

Now, he has embraced his new life in Australia, in particular living in the Hills.

“I love the hills. I go for a drive on the scenic roads at John Forrest National Park and stop to see Perth from the top. It is one of my favourite places,” he said.

“Having all this forest around is magnificent.”

Mr Moreno Malaver’s Australian dream is set to become a permanent reality when he will be welcomed as one of 21 new citizens in Shire of Mundaring on Thursday 26 January.

“I love Australia,” he said.

“I love this feeling of equality, loyalty and friendship. Being an Aussie for me is about solidarity and fraternity to others.”

Shire President James Martin said this year’s conferring residents have come from Brazil, Colombia, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, UK and USA.

“Congratulations to all of our 2023 conferring residents,” he said.

Shire of Mundaring Public Citizen Awards

As part of the Citizenship event, the Shire will recognise and celebrate the significant contribution of volunteers on community life and active citizenship at its annual Shire of Mundaring Public Citizen Awards.

Citizenship Award recipients were selected from a shortlist of Celebrating Community recipients who were recognised at an earlier event in December.

Citizenship ceremonies

Each quarter, the Shire holds citizenship ceremonies on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs.

Residents who have had approval of Australian Citizenship from the Department of Home Affairs can contact the Shire on (08) 9290 6604 to find out about upcoming ceremonies.

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