Council endorses Engagement Strategy for MPCF

Published on Thursday, 16 February 2023 at 9:55:54 AM

Shire of Mundaring Council endorsed the proposed Engagement Strategy for Stage 2 of the Mundaring Multi-purpose Community Facility Project (MPCF) at its Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 14 February. 

Stage 2 involves detailed planning of a cultural precinct and development of a concept design for a new multi-purpose facility. 

Shire President James Martin said the Shire had developed a thorough Engagement Strategy which would guide engagement with community and stakeholders throughout the second stage.

“The Shire is reimagining its town centre by creating a new civic and cultural heart,” he said.

“This includes co-locating the majority of existing community facilities and services within a multi-purpose facility, including the Albert Facey Memorial Library and a range of other community services.”

Cr Martin said the Council was pleased the MPCF had progressed through to Stage 2 and that the Strategy ensured strong involvement by the community.

“In the coming weeks, the Shire will invite the community and stakeholders to participate in a survey,” he said.

“The survey will help the Shire to understand community aspirations for the design and function of the new MPCF and other key facilities within the cultural precinct. 

“This will inform three concept sketches for the facility and a master plan for the cultural precinct.”

Once designed, the sketches and masterplan will be presented to Council to consider which option presents the best outcome for the community. 

For more information, including project updates and supporting information, visit Engage Mundaring.  

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