Fire mitigation works for Stoneville and Mount Helena

Published on Tuesday, 7 June 2022 at 4:16:28 PM

Shire of Mundaring is set to carry out mechanical bushfire mitigation works between the Railway Reserve Heritage Trail along Riley Rd between Stoneville and Mount Helena in June.

Works will include mulching the existing ground fuel and removing invasive vegetation.

Some native vegetation may be mulched during the works however it will remain in situ once mulched to ensure seed banks are retained and native vegetation can re-grow within the area.

Shire President James Martin said mitigation works were important for the Shire to protect the community against bushfires.

“Our community knows too well the devastating impact bushfires have on our community’s safety and properties,” he said.

“These works help to reduce and change the structure of fuel loads in reserves in built up areas to reduce the threat, and lessen the severity, of bushfires making it easier and quicker for responding brigades to control and extinguish.”

Hazard reduction burns

Hazard Reduction Burns will be carried out on Riley Road between Stoneville Rd and Sexton Street when weather conditions improve.

Residents will be informed of when the hazard reduction burn will take place via variable message boards, the Shire’s website and social media pages. Those residents closer to the works should have or will receive a letter advising them of the works and what to expect.

Further information

For further information, or queries, please contact the Shire’s Fire Safety team on 9290 6696 or email

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