Giving back over 35,000 native seedlings

Published on Wednesday, 9 February 2022 at 2:00:37 PM

Enjoying the satisfaction of “giving back to the environment” has seen a Stoneville resident plant over 35,000 native seedlings over the past two decades.

Twenty-five years ago, Sandy Stone was inspired by a call to action from the Shire of Mundaring to rejuvenate local reserves. 

Sandy and her neighbours rallied together in a call of arms and set to cleaning-up their neighbouring Blue Wren Reserve. 

“The Shire were asking the community to help look after the reserves to create a wildlife corridor for fauna and flora,” she said. 

“There was also a lot of publicity around the state of the creeks and waterways which had a green and blue bloom.

“Our local reserve had become a dumping ground so we joined together to clean up the rubbish and take down old farming fences.”

The founding of the Friends of Blue Wren Reserve Group

The call to action saw the initial seeds planted for what would become the Friends of Blue Wren Reserve Group. With the guidance from the Shire’s Bushcare Coordinators, the group blossomed. 

 “We successfully applied for many grants and the free plants from the Shire’s former Tree Canopy and Understorey Program (now known as the Seedlings for Landcare Program), gave us extra seedlings,” she said. 

Through the program, Sandy has planted an estimated 20,000 seedlings in the reserve and 15,000 seedlings to restore bushland on her own property. 

The Friends Group has been a success. Black Cockatoos returned and nested in old trees, and fairy wrens ventured back to flowing creeks and fed on insects in native blossoms. 

Native seedlings also regenerated without planting, and weeds were removed allowing re-sprouting to take place. 

Sandy said she has loved being part of the Friends Group and learning about the environment through workshops run by the Shire. 

“I loved seeing the reserve change after the first five years,” she said.

I have learnt so much about land care. I enjoy meeting like-minded people who also care and have changed their way of thinking about exotics and local provenance plants in their gardens.”

Seedlings for Landcare Program 2022

Shire of Mundaring is calling for schools, community groups and rural landowners to register their interest in the 2022 Seedlings for Landcare program.

The program provides approximately 20,000 free native seedlings for planting on rural-zoned private properties, school grounds and bushland reserves in the Shire of Mundaring.

Sandy’s advice to residents who are interested in joining the program: “The bush is not your garden. Be prepared for failure but encompass lessons learnt. Enjoy the satisfaction of giving back to the environment.” 

Expressions of interest are open until 4pm Friday 18 March. 

For more information visit the Seedlings for Landcare Program page. 

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