Progress Association actively engaged in community

Published on Thursday, 28 July 2022 at 1:14:14 PM

Resident and Ratepayer and Progress Associations within the Shire of Mundaring are actively supported by the Shire as part of its plan to support community collaboration and community-led initiatives.

Mahogany Creek is one of 12 Resident and Ratepayer and Progress Associations within the shire who operate as a voice for the people and an advocate for residents and their areas.

With 36 members the association plays a central role within the local community. 

President of the Mahogany Creek Resident and Ratepayer Association, Doug Williams, said the group is committed to making sure Mahogany Creek remains a welcoming and vibrant place to live.

“As part of making Mahogany Creek a vibrant place to live, we have been responsible for managing the Mahogany Creek Hall and Tennis Courts,” he said.


“Through fundraising efforts, grant funding from the Shire, in-kind community support and additional grant monies , the association has restored this much loved community hub into a well-appointed facility for all community members to enjoy.”

Committee members Nigel Pierson and Linda Mackay (photographed left and right) also spoke of the association’s achievements and future plans. 


“It is remarkable to see how much has been done with the funds received,” said Ms Mackay.  

"The group has worked hard to ensure every cent has been spent wisely on the projects undertaken” she added.

 Mr Pierson said the children and grandchildren of the original families who donated the land and built the hall were now involved in ensuring the facility has a future.

“New members are always welcome to join and every contribution large or small is highly appreciated,” he said.

 Several projects are underway to develop a multi-purpose court, hit-up wall, water fountain and gazebo. This forward-thinking group have also planned for innovative new facilities such as a 3 on 3 style court.

 To join up or learn more about the Mahogany Creek Progress Association and the facilities and activities on offer, visit Mahogany Creek website. 


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