Public Notice - Rural Residential Subdivision Application Lodged (North Parkerville Townsite)

Published on Monday, 29 January 2024 at 2:00:00 PM

A Rural Residential subdivision application (67 lots) for North Parkerville has been lodged with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. This subdivision application is for an area of land that has a previously approved structure plan over it for a 640 dwelling residential development, as well as local commercial centre, tourism facilities and public open space.

Following a request from the Shire on Monday 22 January, the proponent and the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage gave permission for the Shire to share information about the proposed subdivision for community information purposes.

Subdivision applications provide no formal avenue for public consultation. The Shire is a referral authority and has a statutory timeframe of 42 days to provide a response to the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage (Monday 26 February 2024). As a referral authority, Shire of Mundaring will assess the application in the context of a range of guiding documents including our local planning scheme, strategy, various local planning policies and the approved structure plan over the area. Once this assessment has been completed it will be forwarded to the Department of Planning for their consideration, after consultation with Elected Members.  

While there is no formal avenue for comments, for the convenience of residents the Shire will collate comments and refer these to the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage. Comments can be made via email at

Documents relating to this application can be viewed here:

164350_Lot_9503_Lake_Valley_Tce - Preliminary_Geotechnical_Study.pdf

164350_Lot_9503_Lake_Valley_Tce  Parkerrville_-_Site_and_Soil_Evaluation.pdf




Site Plan Subdivision North_Parkerville.pdf


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